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Smart light: setting the mood in your home through lighting colour

20 August 2022

Smart light: home lighting colour
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Setting up your lighting is a crucial stage in the decoration process. After all, this feature has two functional purposes, lighting and decorating your home. Not to mention the new products available on the market, such as smart lights, which can change the colour of the light and allow for countless uses according to the tone you want to give to the room.

But how does the smart light work? This device, when connected, offers several lighting functions with options of colours, intensity and activation programming. The most remarkable thing about changing lighting colours is the effect it can have on the mood for different environments and spaces.

How does it work?

Smart lights are devices controlled by app or voice command, via smartphones or smart speakers, through Wi-Fi. The main difference compared to the ordinary light bulb is its connectivity, variety of colours, intensities and functions.

They have a LED hue – RGB (Red, Green and Blue). This technology is widely used in visual effects projects. By mixing the colours, the smart light can generate lighting in up to 16 million different shades.

The colour sets the mood

The options are endless and are dependent on occasion. If you call some friends for a celebration at your house, you can make the atmosphere more pleasant through the colours. Warmer tones, such as yellow, orange and red, bring calm and tranquillity, making the space much more comfortable. The cooler tones, such as green, blue and purple, bring more liveliness. In addition to coloured lighting, it has LEDs for warm white and cool white, which are desirable shades to light up different areas of the house.

For example, cool white has a more intense brightness and is recommended for the kitchen because it is an environment that requires more attention. The tone of warm white is similar to the old incandescent lamps and is usually suitable for the living room and other spaces you want to make cosier.

The installation of the smart light is similar to regular light bulbs: you simply screw the device in place of the bulb you already have, either in the ceiling, in a light fixture or a table lamp. Therefore, anyone can install it without altering complex wiring or the electrical panel. After that, all you need to do is download the application to control the lighting in the room.

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Benefits of smart lighting

  • Smart lights use less energy, as smart bulbs are manufactured using LED technology.
  • Affordable price and easy to install – just plug it into a matching socket.
  • You can control the intensity and create an infinite number of colours (there are millions of shades available) by app or voice command.
  • Can be used for chromotherapy treatment.
  • Endless possibilities of transforming the same room – giving more versatility to the space.
  • You can program specific activation times, which helps save energy since you do not run the risk of forgetting to turn off the light.

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