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Reasons to Start Sketching Your Own Buildings

8 Apr 2021

Many people struggle to spend time on their own, yet they are often blind to the thousands of possibilities which they have before them. Some will often opt for easy activities such as playing mobile games, casino-style games at Novibet or simply ingesting whatever YouTube recommends for them.

There is nothing wrong with this of course, but there could be some more creative endeavors which may be worth exploring. We here at Glasgow Architecture of course, believe that one great way for you to pass the time is through the designing of your very own buildings. No matter how creative you think you may be, here is why sketching a building will bring you a lot of joy.

Fairytale castle building in Europe:
Fairytale castle building - Reasons to start sketching your own buildings

Reasons to Start Sketching Your Own Buildings Guide

Limitless Possibilities

Interestingly, whilst many who can draw do sketch buildings, they are often the least creative when it comes to really branching out with designs and opportunities. It is usually those who are unable to ‘draw’ well, who come up with the most impressive and outlandish ideas. What we have to remember here is that whilst a building may need to be functional, when you are sketching for fun, you can break all of the rules. Add 5 helipads to the side of the building, create a water slide from the 75th floor or use Spiderman-esque cables to whisk you back up again? All can be played with when you are sketching a building.

Creative Expression

No matter how creative you think that you are, we could all do with expressing ourselves creatively from time to time. This is the perfect way to really let those creative juices run wild, and it will also be something that challenges you. In the beginning you may be sketching very basic buildings, but once you dig a little deeper and try to build on those original designs, things can improve quickly. Remember that the foundation of building design is the creation of something functional and beautiful, the challenge for architects around the world.

Copying Work

There is something very special about sketching out the design of a pre-existing building. This should not be confused with drawing that building or painting the landscape. Doing rough sketching of the Burj Khalifa or one of Antoni Gaudi’s buildings in Barcelona, actually gives you the chance to step into their world. Just think, this is exactly how they may have started the design for those iconic buildings, and here you are walking in their footsteps.

You Never Know

If you have not sketched buildings before then the truth is that you never really know if you have a natural talent for it. This is the perfect reason to give this a try, as you could have a hidden gift for both design and for architecture.

Above all this is a fun and creative activity with no boundaries and no rules. Why not give it a go when you next get some downtime?

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