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Playing Video Games is a Strategy

29 October 2019

Playing video games is a strategy for stress
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Playing Video Games is a Strategy for Coping with Stress and Anxiety

Playing video games is actually a key strategy when it comes to coping with stress. A study was done on millennial gamers and the findings have sent shockwaves throughout the world. People often thought that online games were bad for you and that they impacted your mental development. This is not the case at all, in fact, playing video games can actually benefit you more than you realise.

The Study

Researchers quizzed 1000 gamers on their attitudes about gaming and they found that 55% of them replied saying that it helped them to deal with the stress of life. 47% of people think that it has a positive impact on their lives too. Luke Hales, who is the GM of the DAVE channel stated that they love watching as stars come together and try to get a bit of friendly competition going. They love getting people involved with video games as they believe that it provides everyone with a fun and entertaining environment.

Online Games

Online games offer the biggest benefit. Games like online bingo or even action and adventure games are all ideal for giving the best experience as they encourage people to de-stress and feel more at-ease.

A lot of people expected the results of the study to be the opposite of what they actually are, but that being said, the positive outcome of this study should help to change a lot of opinions. It’s great to see how far the gaming industry has come and how it is benefitting people.

DAVE and Their Survey

Of course, the survey is incredibly revealing to say the least and it also shows the positive mental health benefits of coming together for a game. DAVE chose to survey 1,000 gamers who were aged between 18 and 30. The results of the show found that three out of five people loved gaming because they felt as though they could develop a clan that they could play with. It helped them to be more social outside of their daily lives and it also gave them the chance to meet new people.

The Results

60% of those who were surveyed would actually consider gaming to be a key component of their lives. It helps them to be less isolated and it also helps their communication skills too. One-quarter of people believe that they have made more friends through gaming when compared to other avenues and this is fantastic news to say the least.

Immersive Gaming

One in four people choose to make their avatar look like them because they feel as though it gives them a better experience when playing an RPG. 20% of people believe that action and adventure games are the best games for immersion and shooter games are the best ones for relieving stress. All of this information is coming out to show that gaming is not a bad thing and that it does come with its fair share of benefits.

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