Performance and convenience of sliding doors

Performance and convenience of sliding doors guide, Buildng mechanisms, Door panel rollers advice

Performance and convenience of sliding doors advice

3 Aug 2023

Sliding doors are often chosen by homeowners who appreciate their functionality and elegance. Imagine making the most of a spectacular view, bringing more natural light into your home and creating a more convenient access from your home to your garden. You can do all this with modern sliding doors, either aluminium or uPVC ones.

Let’s explore how sliding doors work and what advantages external sliding doors can bring to your property.

Performance and convenience of sliding doors

Performance and convenience of sliding doors – is that the only thing that makes them popular?

How do external sliding doors work?

There are two types of sliding door mechanisms:

  • inline (smart-slide) sliding doors,
  • lift and slide doors.

Inline sliding doors are set within tracks at the top and bottom. They’re mounted on rollers and simply slide along. This mechanism makes sliding doors easy to operate and maintain.

It is perfect for relatively small window openings or panels, like in front sliding doors. For large (from 3000 mm on the opening) and heavy glass panels it would be better to use the lift and slide door mechanism. In this type of external sliding doors, you have to turn a handle to lift the door panel onto its rollers. Lift and slide doors are a fantastic choice if you want to create a contemporary wall of glass effect.

Benefits of external sliding doors

So what makes external sliding doors so popular?

Natural light

The fundamental principle of the most popular sliding door systems is more view, less frame. With more view and less frame, more natural light comes into your living space. This benefit of sliding doors is especially appreciated by homeowners who want to transform a dark and unwelcoming space into a modern and inviting living area. What is more, by optimising the available light you will also create the illusion of extra space and make your room seem more spacious and airy.

Lower energy and lighting bills

A solid wall seems the best possible option when you’re being energy conscious. But modern aluminium sliding doors actually are highly thermally efficient. Double or triple glazing prevents heat loss, while glass coatings can reflect heat back into the room. But your savings don’t stop here. By maximising available light, you’ll reduce your lighting bills, too.

Connection with the outdoors

Are you dreaming of taking the most of your garden? Bring the outside in with flush floor levels! Modern sliding door systems are designed to let you enjoy the seamless transition from inside to outside and the other way round. With the bottom frame sunk down, you don’t have to worry about any thresholds. You can seamlessly blend your living space with nature and enjoy the ease of hosting summer parties and social events.

Safety and security

Sliding doors (as well as Patio doors with a tilt & turn function) once had a bad reputation for being breakable and a security risk. But that’s all in the past now. Contemporary advances in glass technology and locking systems ensure that your sliding door is safe and secure and no-one will get to your home uninvited.

What increases the security level of your property, is the fact that a glazed sliding door gives you a clear view of your outside space – patio or garden. In such a way, you’ll always keep an eye on what’s going on outside your house.

Performance and convenience of sliding doors building

Where to look for high quality sliding doors at the best price?

If you are looking for high quality aluminium or uPVC sliding doors at the best price, you are in the right place. At Fenbro, we offer external sliding doors with full guarantee and installation service all over Ireland. Our assortment is built on highly recognisable and appreciated Polish joinery brand products.

We offer:

  • high-quality products at affordable prices,
  • a full guarantee on all purchased windows and doors,
  • short lead time,
  • safe and insured door to door delivery,
  • professional installation services and after-sales services which prolong the lifespan of your sliding doors for many more years to come.

What is more, we keep the whole purchase process simple, so that for you, it’s like ordering windows and doors at your local supplier – but much cheaper. Feel free to visit our website and contact us for a free quote on

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