Park View Primary School, Glasgow education building, 19 Rothes Drive property, Scottish Architecture

Park View Primary School Glasgow

Glasgow Education Project, Strathclyde design by Stallan-Brand architects

17 + 16 Jan 2014

Design: Stallan-Brand with Keir Construction

Address: 19 Rothes Dr, Glasgow, Glasgow City G23 5PZ

Park View Primary School 1

Photos by Keith Hunter Photography

Glasgow Primary School Building

Park View Primary School is located in Halfway, South Lanarkshire, Scotland and sits within the local park at the core of the community.  It is similar in size and scale to St Cadoc’s Primary and has almost identical internal and spatial arrangement.  Once again the classrooms are accessed directly from the open plan central ‘learning street’.  The central space acts as an orientation point for staff, pupils and visitors and helps create an informal barrier between administration spaces, general purpose spaces and more formal, cellular teaching zones.

Park View Primary is built on the site of the former Halfway Pavilion at the corner of Halfway Park. The site is bound by New Road to the East, Overton Road to the North, and Halfway Park to the South and West. Vehicular and pedestrian access is provided from New Road, with existing pedestrian access from Overton Road to the North.

Park View Primary School 2

The building form is orientated to allow the main classroom block to address the fantastic views available to the South past the playground to the park beyond, and is set back from the road to make the most of its position within the park. A protective edge to the north and the east of the building provides segregation from vehicles and provides a distinct boundary between public and private zones.

Park View Primary School 3

Due to the crime statistics of the local area the external envelope is predominately high quality facing brick around most of the building which provides a robust envelope.  The singular protective mass also clearly defines public and private realms.

Where the building addresses the park, bands of vertical coloured cladding provide a softening to this elevation, creating a community focal point visible across the park. The cladding incorporates a bright colour scheme and draws its inspiration from the autumnal colours of the surrounding flora and fauna in the park. The colour scheme continues internally with similar colours being used as part of the graphic design, bringing vibrant colours to the internal space.

The graphics and wayfinding are inspired by the vibrant, seasonal colours of the external cladding with sky blue introduced as a contrast and the large square picture window above the main entrance. Large scale graphics of tumbling squares are used throughout the school for glazing manifestation, wayfinding and decoration, bringing a sense of life and movement to the internal surfaces.

Once again the graphics are used to highlight and assist with orientation.The playground has pockets for landscape which are used as part of the school curriculum and enhances the outdoor teaching areas.  The park itself creates opportunity for further adventure and educational pursuits.  The tarmac areas have applied surface paint which reflect the internal square graphics, tumbling across the surface and providing an interactive medium for pupil play and learning.

All of the Primary Schools designed by Stallan-Brand meet or exceed the requirements of the brief, in an effort to create truly inspirational learning environments.

Park View Primary School information from Stallan-Brand, architects

Park View Primary School images from Scottish photographer Keith Hunter, based in Renfrew, southwest Glasgow

Keith Hunter Photography
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Location: 19 Rothes Drive, Glasgow, G23 5PZ, Strathclyde, southwest Scotland, U

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