An Overview of the Culture in Glasgow City Centre Tips, Strathclyde Buildings, Properties

An Overview of the Culture in Glasgow City Centre

11 Dec 2020

Last year, Glasgow was named the cultural and creative centre of the United Kingdom. As a result, it has attracted a lot more talent and tourists over the past few months. But what exactly makes Glasgow stand out from the rest? That’s what we hope to uncover. So, in our article today, we are going to give an overview of the culture in Glasgow City Centre. If you are planning on coming to the Scottish metropolis anytime soon, then you should read on.

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An Overview of the Culture in Glasgow City, Scotland

The Architecture

The first thing that most people notice when they first come to Glasgow is the beautiful architecture. This is often a surprise to tourists or newcomers, as the city centre has a bad reputation which precedes it. People imagine ugly, dilapidated buildings and rubbish-strewn streets.

In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The influence of masterful architect Remi Macintosh can be seen throughout the city, with his trademark artisanal stained-glass windows being a reoccurring feature. The merchant city is an elegant shopping district with architectural flair, featuring stone arches and pillars. Overlooking the city centre is the Necropolis, an atmospheric Victorian cemetery with rolling hills and impressive structures.

The Shopping

People travel from far and wide to access Glasgow City Centre at Christmas time. This is because the metropolis has an unrivalled shopping scene. Buchanan Street is home to the high street, lined from top to bottom with popular brands. Near the River Clyde, we also have the St Enoch Centre and Argyle Arcade, the latter of which is filled with opulent jewellers and watchmakers. For those who love their luxury brands, Glasgow City Centre also houses the Princes Square. This beautiful shopping centre was designed by the likes of John Baird.

The People

Throughout the city centre, posters that say ‘People Make Glasgow’ are plastered around. Though this slogan has been the butt of some jokes, there is no denying its accuracy. The community and culture in Glasgow are second to none. The residents are all fervent football fans, flooding the subway every month for the matches between Celtic and Rangers. Public houses are usually booming with jolly Scotsman. Gambling also forms a massive part of the city’s culture and so sports bookmakers are dotted throughout the city centre, alongside websites for online betting and odds.

The Arts Scene

There are several different universities situated in Glasgow, such as Glasgow Uni and Strathclyde, plus the Glasgow School of Art. With so many young, talented people being concentrated in the city, this has brought about an incredible arts scene. For example, underground music bands play in venues throughout the centre, whilst open mics for poetry reading have become incredibly popular. Meanwhile, BBC Scotland overlooks the River Clyde, attracting loads of aspiring filmmakers. Let’s not forget the SSE Hydro – one of the busiest music arenas in the world, attracting famous musicians from far and wide.

Now you have read our overview of Glasgow City Centre, come and see this prosperous metropolis for yourself.

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