How to expand business internationally in times of quarantine tips, Company exansion guide

How to Expand Business Internationally Guide

3 Sep 2020

How to Expand Business Internationally in Quarantine
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How to Expand Business Internationally in Times of Quarantine

The global crisis caused by the Covid-19 and the quarantine had a great impact on almost every aspect of international business relations. The majority of daily operations became remote and moved into the digital realm even more than before. While this situation is most frequently portrayed in a negative light, which is obvious, quarantine also reveals new opportunities to expand one’s business internationally. Starting with the deeper study of international business ethics to localization of the website, social distancing can be used as a way to connect digitally and enhance one’s business with new investments, technical solutions, and partnerships.

Expanding Business Internationally in the Covid-19 Quarantine Times

  • Organize the remote cooperation of every team member in the company. It can be done with the help of special schedules or manuals that can be distributed via the head management. Always make sure that there are no mistakes or typos in the new rules because it can seriously disrupt the important processes in your work, especially with the foreign company’s branches. The best is to approach translation proofreading services, which represent the best of both worlds since you get all the instructions properly translated and checked for accuracy. It will also help you avoid time zone differences as everyone will receive detailed information right away.
  • Turn to professional website localization services. The quarantine may seem like an endless nightmare for most business entrepreneurs, yet it is also a chance to take time and finally create a multilingual website. If you need a professional service then look for trusted website design and development services like Cude Design.

    Since it is a time-consuming process, it is necessary to collect all the required information in advance. Once you are ready, you can try this best translation service and request localization with all the specifics of your business. Once your website becomes ready, it will attract visitors and investors from all over the world, making your presence upon the international markets solid and memorable.

  • Study the methods and innovations of foreign countries. Quarantine is a time when people are stuck in their homes and work remotely, which brings up a lot of social communication and exchange of all the helpful ideas. Take your time to study various ideas that come up from all over the world in terms of how to cope with the restrictions and make the most out of it. Try to focus on your customers and the community you already have. Let your business be the guide and a meeting point. Even if the sales are not as good as you would expect, your social activity and a good attitude will help to spread the word both locally and internationally. Challenge the way people engage with new ideas, check out the doe.
  • Participate in webcasts and let your company operate via live stream conferencing. Since most people these days have turned to various video streaming platforms to keep the business meetings active, it opens up new opportunities for inviting foreign guests and sharing the experience of working internationally. It will also help spread the word about your business and will let your brand and the product line become memorable. Even a single web stream can bring you more visitors these days when everyone is spending more time online, seeking new solutions and innovations.
  • Implement digital payments and automation of your services on offer. Think about how your commercial operations, choice of correct service, and delivery methods can be improved. The trick is to implement automation by adjusting your services to international customers. One of the ways to achieve success is a website (or an application) localization along with the product descriptions and the manuals. Regardless of what your business stands for, include digital payments and interactive delivery maps based on user preferences and the location that has been specified. It will help speed up every process and provide you with information as to what interests your customers the most.

What About International SEO Practices?

How to Expand Business Internationally in Times of Quarantine

In most cases, when you request a localization service from the professional translation agency, it already includes the list of foreign language keywords. Those will be checked with you for suitability to your business and then the localization specialist will place them all over your web site’s content. However, if you would like to add more information, it is recommended to study the market with the native speaker and think about phrases and the long-tail keywords that will be very good for languages like Spanish and Portuguese. When you use Arabic in your business, it is best to add at least one paragraph that will meet the cultural or traditional values of the region, thus bringing due respect and appreciation to your business.


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