How to create communication campaign for architects

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How to create a communication campaign for an architecture firm

28 January 2022

Information is key in all industry sectors, when it comes to marketing. However, it is even more true about architectural firms. They need to educate prospective clients, so that they can gain their trust, if they want to build a long-term relationship with them. But that doesn’t mean that some form of basic marketing should not be involved. Here are the various tools an architecture firm can use to reach new clients.

How to create communication campaign for architects

Start with the Most Basic Tools

What do you have that can interest potential clients? Samples of your work. These have got to be available online, but also inside a printed catalogue which you can leave with the most interesting prospects. That is the best way they will remember your company, after you have met them. The catalogue will be lying around their desk when they take their decision, and it might just be the deciding factor that will play in your favour, in the end.

Today, it is impossible not to reproduce the catalogue in an online version (or at least a part of it). It has to be made available at any time. If someone contacts you to see samples of your work, they will want to see it now – not tomorrow. Before, you could send a catalogue overnight through UPS, but even just one day of delay is too long now. It is probable that the client will already have made their decision, by the end of the day they contacted you.

Be Present on Social Media

If you are not being seen on social media, then you are probably not marketing your company anywhere. Social media has certainly taken over the marketing world, throughout the last few years. It is the easiest way to keep in touch with clients regularly (followers), and to reach new ones through paid advertising campaigns. One of the beautiful thing about social media is that they use algorithms that will help you reach the target that you are aiming for.

Write a Blog and turn it into a Podcast

As we said in the introduction of this article, people like to be informed. There is no better way to do that than through a blog. You need to think about creating series on particular subjects. That way, it will keep the interest of your readers alive and make them want to know more. Once you already have followers, reading your words, you can turn them into listeners, by turning your blogs into podcasts. It has become one of people’s favourite ways to discover new things, as easy listening is rapidly surpassing reading.

Make Sample Videos

If there is one thing that people enjoy more than listening and reading, these days, it is watching videos. It is the number one media in the world. If you can give tips through videos online, you will create yourself a bunch of followers rapidly. First give them ideas that they can easily do by themselves, then slowly raise the level of difficulty. There will come a time when they will call upon you for a task that they need a specialist for. You will gain new clients thanks to that method, as long as you keep creating videos, on a regular basis.

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