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How to Choose the Best Covers for Your Patio Furniture Guide

11 Dec 2020

Instead of rushing to buy the most expensive furniture covers in the store that promise to tackle everything under the sun, it can be better to choose covers that are designed to meet the challenges of the weather system of the area you live in. Not only are you likely to get better results, but also you do not have to spend unnecessarily on features you do not need.

How to Choose the Best Covers for Your Patio Furniture for the Climate You Live In?

Weather and Other Challenges That Your Patio Furniture Covers Have to Overcome

Patio furniture left outside has to face a variety of challenging weather conditions. While exposure to harsh sunlight makes the colors fade and results in the furniture looking worn out, heavy rainfall or snowfall can permanently damage wood, wicker, and cloth.

Additionally, a dry climate can make the furniture brittle while there is always the problem of dirt, debris, tree sap, pollen, and depredations by birds and small animals to contend with. Buying covers that are suited to the challenges the furniture has to face can keep your expensive furniture in good condition for years.

What Covers Are Ideal for the Climate in Which You Live In?

Mediterranean and desert climates: Typically found in coastal California, Las Vegas, Phoenix, etc. this climate is characterized by mild winters and scorching summers. The main challenge for the covers is to protect the furniture from the sun that can cause the colors and patterns to fade.

Additionally, you will want the covers to have proper ventilation so that the moisture buildup under the covers is averted that can result in the growth of hazardous mold and mildew. Since these regions do not receive too much rain, it is okay to have water-resistant covers instead of the more expensive waterproof heavy duty garden furniture covers.

Tropical and Subtropical climate: Hot and humid climates are typical of states like Texas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, etc. these areas see both intense sunlight as well as plenty of rain and high temperatures.

Furniture covers ideal for this type of climate should be waterproof with adequate ventilation to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew as well as UV-resistant. You should look out for features like Velcro bands and drawstrings that are useful to prevent the covers from blowing off in high winds, according to

Temperate climate: The temperature does not see extremes, and the weather ranges from being cool in the winter to hot and humid in the summer. Therefore, you can buy lightweight but durable covers while ensuring that the fabric can breathe to prevent condensation from building up inside the covers.

Oceanic climate: Areas characterized by year-round low temperatures but receiving a lot of rain and snow like Southeast Alaska, Washington, Oregon, etc. need furniture covers to be durable and waterproof. Make sure the furniture covers have adequate fasteners to keep them in place and vents to let the moisture building up inside to escape without letting in water.


Picking the right kind of furniture covers can help to extend the life of your expensive outdoor furniture significantly. You should also keep your covers in good condition when they are not in use. Clean and dry them and then store them in a folded condition in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated space.

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