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How Shutters Can Transform Your Living Space Guide

21 September 2022

Homeowners spend a considerable amount of time choosing the perfect colour schemes, wallpaper, and furniture to make their house a home. Yet, many underestimate the impact window coverings can have on a room’s design, atmosphere, and comfort.

If you want to create rooms that impress guests and passers-by, shutters are a smart option for homes of any size. Find out how shutters can transform your living space.

A Look at How Shutters Can Transform Your Living Space

A Light Yet Private Home

You don’t need to compromise on privacy to enjoy a bright, airy home, and vice versa. As shutters are available in various designs, you can bathe a room in sunlight while keeping any prying eyes at bay.

For example, café-style shutters will allow light to flow through the exposed top windowpane, and the bottom section will be covered by a stylish shutter for privacy and light control. You will feel 100% relaxed as you watch TV in your pyjamas, dine with your loved ones, or dance with your children.

The wonderful thing about shutters is that you will have full control of the light that flows into a room. You can alter the louvres to allow sunlight to illuminate the space or close or partially close the shutters to create a dark or cosy environment for you and your loved ones.

A Smart, Stylish Choice

As more people are working from home than ever before, many people may feel self-conscious about their interior when chatting over Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. Rather than worrying about outdated net curtains or tired blinds, breathe new life into your home office, living room, or kitchen with stylish shutters.

Choose from many durable designs to create a more sophisticated backdrop, as there is an option to suit every window shape and size. For example, you can install made-to-measure bay windows, tier on tier, or solid shutters to create a more attractive, professional space. Read more here to identify the perfect window shutters for your taste and property.

Beautiful Year After Year

Unlike curtains and blinds that can discolour, fray, or wear, shutters will look beautiful year after year. Also, you may often need to remove curtains and blinds to eliminate unpleasant stains, smells, and dust. Yet, shutters are easy to clean and maintain their quality and appearance, and the UV protection will prevent fading or discolouring. They are a must-pick if you want to install window coverings that will stand the test of time and impress your guests and neighbours.

Accentuate Your Interior Design

Shutters cannot only help you create a more private, bright, and sophisticated home, but they can complement your interior design. For instance, if you want to create a beach house-inspired living room or bedroom, white wooden café-style shutters will make your home appear like an elegant Caribbean Island property.

Also, you don’t need to worry about your property’s architectural design, as you can choose from shutters to suit modern and traditional homes of all sizes. For example, solid shutters will work in harmony with sash windows. However, if you live in a modern or traditional home with large windows, you can add style, simplicity, and flexibility to the property with track shutters.

A Warm and Inviting Property

With UK energy prices rising at an alarming rate, it makes sense that homeowners might want to add new window coverings that will lower their annual bills. Shutters are one of the best options available, as they can slash heat loss by approximately 50%, depending on the style you pick for your property. For instance, full-height shutters will retain more warmth than café-style shutters, as they don’t expose 50% of the windowpane.

What’s more, shutters will prevent cold from entering your property, helping you maintain a warmer property and reducing the need to increase your central heating. It will allow you and your loved ones to enjoy a warmer living space throughout the cold months, making your home more comfortable and inviting.

A Lower Maintenance Property

As mentioned earlier, shutters are much easier to clean than curtains and blinds. Therefore, they are a perfect choice for those who want to create a lower-maintenance property. It is an ideal choice for families, seniors, and busy professionals, as they might not have the time or energy to thoroughly clean window coverings every few months. With a little dusting, you can enjoy a hygienic, fresh, and attractive living space with minimal time and effort.

More Texture and Character

In addition to being available in different shapes and sizes, you can take your pick from many colours and materials to complement your interior design. For example, dark premium hardwood can add warmth, texture, and character to your property, while black shutters will appear modern and sophisticated. Alternatively, you could create a vibrant environment with bright white shutters that will make your home appear fresh and airy. The choice is yours.

A Relaxing, Safer Space

Shutters will create a safer environment for you and your loved ones. As they will cover a window, a potential trespasser might believe entering your home will be tricky, which could force them to think twice. As a result, you can relax more comfortably inside your property when watching TV, sitting down to dinner, sleeping in your bed, or making memories with your nearest and dearest. It is a feeling you can’t put a price on.


Shutters can transform your property in many ways. In addition to improving your home’s flexibility and durability, they can match your architectural design, accentuate your décor, improve privacy, and provide full control of light in rooms across the home.

Curtains and blinds can become outdated throughout the years, but shutters are available in many timeless styles that will look just as beautiful and stylish in ten years’ time. It doesn’t matter if you live in a traditional or modern home; you are bound to find a design, colour, and shape to match every window across your property, as well as your taste and budget.

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