Home elements to pick for coastal design feel advice, Seaside property style guide, Waterfront homes decor

Home elements to pick for coastal design feel advice

8 May 2022

If you have been inspired by the beach houses popping up on social media recently and want to achieve them, you don’t have to live in a coastal location to recreate that relaxed ocean vibe in your home.

Before you go out and purchase anything that has a shell or crab printed on it, here are some sure-fire elements to add to your home that will get you feeling like you are at the beach in no time.

Home elements to pick for coastal design feel

Beach House Design Is All About Layering up on Texture

Forget about blue stripes and ships in bottles; create your beach house by creating layers of multiple fabrics and natural textures. Incorporate rugs, cushions, wall hangings and baskets in your space to make it relaxed and have that laid back vibe that makes that coastal design.

Add Blue Hues to a Beach House Living Room

Merge the conventional beachside look and the more modern coastal, rustic look by incorporating the different materials, but remember to add some pops of blue.

A blue carpet looks incredible against a lime-washed floor, and blue cushions can add just the right amount of a nautical feeling.

Beach House Furniture: Go for a Simple Lines and Tons of Comfort

Keep things effortless and classy with classic, simple lines and a soft blue and white colour scheme. Add some wooden details and coastal style accessories (a porthole window will do just the trick) to finish the look.

Simplify Your Palette

When creating an interior that feels contemporary, it’s best to start with a palette of colours. Although traditional coastal space often possesses deep blues and vibrant oranges, contemporary interiors need broader minimalism.

This choice does not necessarily mean abandoning colour, but if you want the sleekest room possible, you may want to keep your colour soft and subtle.

Invest in a Subtly Striped Sofa

If you want to take your look beyond anchors and shell-printed cushions, put some money into a striped sofa as the focal point to add that beachy feel to your coastal home.

Switch up Your Bedding for a Beach House Bedroom Ideas

As far as achieving the coastal look in your bedroom, the best way to bring the coast in is with the bedding. The clear choice is crisp whites with clean lines, but the more relaxed look with cotton or linen bed sheets in ocean-inspired colours is great – think sandy beige.

Match a Subtle Colour Palette With Wood for a Calming Space

If the classic blue and nautical stripes do not suit you like coastal interiors’ light and airy feel, a neutral palette is also a great way to evoke those holiday vibes. Mix different weathered sea colours with natural materials for more texture and interest.

Add Pops of Blue to an All White Space

Returning to blue and white, again. An easy way to get the luxe coastal design in any room is by swopping out, or even getting into some DYI and painting your furniture in a beautiful blue, green or sand hue.

The Top Elements To Include in Your Home To Get That Coastal Design Feel

Beach House Kitchens Need A Coastal Display

You can add some of the coastal interiors to your kitchen without going through the effort of whitewashing it entirely. If you have glass paneled showcases, add a few pieces of wicker accessories and decor of lighter woods.

Drift wood sculptures, lanterns and sea shell pieces are a great addition too.

Home elements to pick for coastal design feel

Pick Out Some Coastal Tableware

If you are after a fast solution to achieve that coastal aesthetic without breaking the bank, pick out a few pieces of seaside inspired tableware for your kitchen.

Pick a Cool Blue for a Coastal Style Hallway

A sophisticated beach house design is perfect for your hallway as it brings together all the must-haves of a modern coastal home: soft walls that reflect natural light, wicker furniture, and natural fibers.

Take the Beach House Look Into Your Garden

Forget about limiting yourself to the beach look in the interior of your house, take those vibes outside too! Hang a hammock up, put down a few striped or ocean inspired blankets, spot a few lanterns and candles around and there you have it!

Create an Outdoor Living Room

You could take it one step further and create an outdoor living area. The idea of making a whole new outdoor living room in your garden has become really popular in recent summers, and they look gorgeous too.

Many beach houses have them, and you can get some inspiration from the coastal décor they use.

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