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Have you forgotten about pebbledash?

Dry Dash – Harling: Home Facade Decoration Article

9 Nov 2018

With Weber recently launching a brand new dry dash receiver, it’s a finish that’s worth taking a second look at.

Have you forgotten about pebbledash facade - dry dash old wall

Have you forgotten about pebbledash wall finish?

Pebbledash (also known as dry dash or harling) exploded in popularity in post-war Britain, because it was inexpensive and hardy. That all sounds very practical – so are we still using it?

Certainly in Scotland we are. The finish has always enjoyed popularity up north and along the coast. And it’s easy to see why – it’s durable, long-lasting, and these days with new innovations an even more attractive solution than ever.

Modern dash is a world away from the post-war traditional variety than adorned many suburban houses up and down the country. Technology has moved on a bit since the 1970s – you can now get style along with durability for your property. And with products like Weber’s one coat dash receiver, the process is getting even more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. This product boasts that it can be used to achieve a “same day dash”, and with render spray machines commonplace these days, the process itself is quick and easy for the applicator.

It’s ideal for use in large housing developments where speed of application is a big factor. The shorter programme periods for installing exterior finish allows other trades to get in and get on with it.

Dash still enjoys all the advantages its always had, making it the perfect choice in areas with high traffic such as schools where walls are likely to take a bit of a beating from footballs. Its durable nature means it’s ideal for areas with high exposure. The challenging Scottish climate means that homes require a higher level of protection from the elements. Compared to a standard render or paint finish, a dash finish is more hard-wearing and will stand the stand of time in a harsh environment.

A versatile product, Weber’s dash receiver can be applied to almost any substrate – brick and blockwork, concrete, natural stone and clay.

Home design may have changed but dash is keeping up – with a wide variety of decorative aggregates on the market, it can be used to create a wonderful, durable finish that will last for years.

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