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Glasgow Gaming Establishments Are Architectural Gems

3 Dec 2020

Glasgow casinos architecture gems

As our website shows on a consistent basis, Glasgow is a city rich in cultural heritage, and especially, in both modern and classic architecture, which can be seen on some of the city’s excellent walking tours.

In this article, we take a look at the many buildings around the city which at one time or another have been used as gaming establishments. Some ofthem have been synonymous with Glasgow nightlife and the entertainment scene for decades.

The Corinthian

With the proliferation of online casino sites, many land-based casinos are having to seriously up their games in order to compete.

That’s why they often house themselves in a decadent building, so as to give their customers that VIP feeling every time they step through its doors.

That is most certainly what The Corinthian does, as it’s housed in a building that dates back to 1842 when it was built by revered architect David Hamilton. Indeed, the only thing present in The Corinthian which pre-dates the building are some of the games housed within its four walls, with both Roulette and Blackjack dating back as far as the 14th century.

Guests of The Corinthian are treated to opulent interiors, a luxurious roof terrace that gives great views out over the city, and a dedicated team of croupiers and servers who ensure that every taste is catered to. It is perhaps too early to say if all this will be enough to stave off the competition from online casinos, whose ability to run a live roulette game for 24-hours without interruption is something that will always be hard to beat, no matter how many chandeliers you hang or free snacks you serve.

For now, though, this grade A listed building is a sight for sore eyes for those gamers who miss playing in glorious surrounds.

Which of these gaming premises do you recognise, and which have you still to visit?
Glasgow gaming establishments are architectural gems

The Alea

While the Corinthian is all about old-world charm and grandeur, there are other gamers who like their gaming halls to be draft-free and for doors and windows not to creak and chatter when it is windy outside.

Luckily for such folks, there is the shiny new Alea Casino, which is the pride and joy of Glasgow’s Springfield Quay leisure park. The casino was already something of an architectural outlier when it was built in 2008, with metal wave panels being used to give the interior a spectacular finish to match the aesthetics of the River Clyde which can be seen from its windows.

More than a decade on, the Alea is now about to undergo a fresh facelift, with a tower being added to this already impressive structure that is the biggest casino in the city.

Gala Rotunda

The casino housed within the Gala Rotunda sadly closed back in 2008 but is well worth a mention here due to its unique architecture and for having been a popular haunt for many night owls over the years.

The building the casino was once based in was what is known at the North Rotunda, with its twin, the South Rotunda, sitting on the opposite side of the river. They were the entrance and exit to a tunnel that sub navigated the river, and which at the time they were built were revered around the world for their ingenuity. However, the tunnel closed and fell into disrepair in the 80s, leaving the buildings above the surface to be repurposed. Have fun at an online gambling casino.

Today both Rotundas are B-listed buildings, and it is hoped that one day a new use can be found for both. Throughout the noughties and early 2000s, many a hen night and stag-do bustled through the welcoming doors of the Rotunda, but in the end, it just could not compete with the likes of the aforementioned Alea and city centre casino complexes. There are a few more gaming establishments in the beautiful old city of Glasgow, but the ones mentioned in this article deserve your attention, so feel free to pay them a visit when you have the time.

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