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Glasgow Casinos of Past and Present – Architectural Gems

28 July 2020

Architecture is not always the first thing that comes to mind when people think of casinos, with both offline and online games usually stealing the limelight instead.

However, there is much more thought that goes into the design of a casino than you mightimagine, with everything from the lighting to the bathrooms designed in such a way as to entice people to spend more time there.

Glasgow is a city that boasts interestingly designed casinos, some sporting sweeping glass facades withothers buried in the basements of former merchant mansions. Here are three that really stand out from the crowd.

Casinos need to be built in such a way that they draw players to the tables:
Alea Glasgow casino building on River Clyde
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Architectural Gems: Glasgow Casinos of Past and Present

The Alea

The Alea is perhaps the most glamourous of all the casinos in Glasgow, boasting a flowing glass and metallic exterior on the outside as well as a giant retractable chandelier on the inside.

All this makes for a pleasing gaming experience that is also very easy on the eye.

The Corinthian

For those players who like to dip in and out of their casino games, perhaps preferring to use online bonuses on their phones rather than visiting physical felt tables, The Corinthian is a good option. This casino is at the heart of Glasgow town centre and successfully combines elegant style and entertainment.

It has also recently invested heavily in its gourmet food offering, further improving high standardsof hospitality for its visitors.

The casino is a gem, with all the classic games like blackjack and roulette complementing an array of electronic slots. The titles of these slots games are inspired by those also available online, as is the case with Sky Vegas which has dozens of slots provided by major developers in addition to welcome bonus offers, among which are the usual no-deposit bonuses.

The casino is just one part of a complex that is cleverly housed within an 18th century Victorian mansion. This blending of modern and historical architecture makes The Corinthian unique on the Glasgow gaming scene.

The North Rotundatakes full advantage of its uniqueand attractive shape:
North Rotunda casino Glasgow building
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The North Rotunda

Perhaps the most architecturally iconic building to house a casino in Glasgow was the dome shaped North Rotunda.

This grade 2 listed building has an identical twin in the form of the South Rotunda with both buildings originally erected to provide access to tunnels that sub-navigated the River Clyde.

Over the years, the two rotundas have served many functions, one of which, before its closure in 2008, included a casino that specialised in catering to large groups such as stag and hen parties.

Ever since their construction in 1896 the rotundas and the subterranean tunnel thatconnects them have been a costly burden to the council, leaving them largely unused today.

However, anyone who gamed under the North Rotunda’s dome will remember their experience fondly, and why not? It’s not every day you get to game in the confines of a grade listed building steeped in such rich history.

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