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Kinloch Property : Fife House

Home in Cupar Area, East Scotland – design by Gareth Hoskins Architects, Glasgow

Kinloch House

Photographs by Andrew Lee

Kinloch, Fife
exterior image

House in Kinloch

A new private house set within a listed walled garden in Fife, the project combines the clients’ desire for a ‘glass’ house with a response to the formal geometry of the enclosing walls, paths and borders of what was the original fruit garden of the adjacent country house.

Kinloch, Fife
entry image

Kinloch, Fife
dusk image

Two ‘fat’ masonry walls are set into the garden to define the house and the new spaces around it. The first cuts through the garden wall to lead visitors into an entrance garden whilst screening them from the main spaces of the house. The second wall runs perpendicular to the first on the axis of the original central path through the garden. This wall screens the bedrooms and bathroom that look east onto a private orchard. The main living spaces sit within the angle of the two walls, facing south towards the main garden.

Kinloch, Fife Property
lounge image

Kinloch House, Fife
bedroom image

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MacCalman House
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House images above by Gareth Hoskins Architects

Glasgow Armadillo
Clyde Auditorium
photo © Isabelle Lomholt

Kelvingrove Gallery
Kelvingrove Gallery
photo : David Barbour / BDP

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