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Different Categories Of Online Slots

14 Oct 2019

The weird and wonderful world of online slots is multi-faceted to an absolutely absurd degree. We’re not joking here; there are so many different categories of titles these days that every single kind of gambler is well and truly catered for. Of course, this wasn’t always the case back in the early days of online slots, however the signs were all there.

Land-based slots have long exhibited a wonderful array of different categories, so it was only natural that their online cousins would follow suit as well. And it didn’t take long for developers to gain the required technology to do exactly that. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some different categories of online slots at wizardslots.com.

3 Reel Classic Style Slots

Whilst the vast majority of online slots in the present day tend to be a lot more complex than the classic land-based ones, some developers have chosen to emulate the retro style of these classic machines. Everyone is a sucker for nostalgia after all, and playing a game like Lucky Irish by WGS shows you exactly what so many people love a good old simple 3 reel online slots.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Now, some of the biggest gambling wins ever recorded have been courtesy of the Las Vegas Mega Bucks machines, and this is because these are progressive jackpot slots. What this means is that, with every loss on any machine in the local network the jackpot goes up slightly. Just let that sink in… Every time there is a loss the jackpot goes up – no wonder it regularly hits over 10 million dollars.

The online sphere just couldn’t ignore this either could they? They would be fools if they did so! So now there are a multitude of online progressive jackpot slots, and winning on one of these could genuinely change your life. Check out Microgaming if this excites you, their progressive jackpot network is probably the best on offer at the moment!

3D Slots

As with so many industries, technology has really helped online slots come into their own after the last decade, with 3D graphics being one of the most important developments. Before this games looked fairly basic in 2D, and it was hard to properly capture a given theme in just two dimensions.

But now 3D has blown the whole market wide open, it is difficult to over-estimate the affect it has had on slots’ popularity. Spinning those reels is so much better in clear 3D, and for this reason it is a category of slots that has become wildly popular.

Mobile Slots

Another new technological development that has really come into its own after the last half a decade is in regard to slots being played on mobile phones. Up until a few years ago it wasn’t really possible to do this and actually enjoy yourself, everything was just too limited. Fast-forward to the present day, however, and mobile slots are almost as popular as normal computer ones – mental.

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