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Best Rental Property Management Apps To Work

21 Mar 2021

If you are a landlord or property owner, your ultimate concern will be to handle the rental issues as easily as possible. The purpose of your efforts is to promote your property, manage renters, and communicate with them. Whether you want to manage all these tasks manually, you are going to drown in big trouble. Fortunately, there are tons of software available nowadays like building maintenance app to assist you. These apps are designed to access the data and work remotely. Besides, landlords are allowed to post property ads, create required invoices, monitor overlays, and track payments. In this post, we have listed some convenient rental property management software that will ease the whole procedure.

Best Rental Property Management Apps To Work List


The software is designed for a very special purpose. If you are a landlord of a single-family home, Propertyware is perhaps the best solution. This software is simple, yet quite powerful to use for commercial usage too. The tool is excellent if you are just beginning. You can create a rich property portfolio using it and Propertyware lets you manage over 250 properties at once. The software offers all the essential options a landlord might need. For instance, it allows users to take out rents, calculate, manage requests, promote properties, follow-up, and track leads. They sound more than sufficient. For basic to advanced property management, it is one of the most workable solutions for property owners.


Buildium is unique because it was developed by property managers. Thus, the developers know exactly what is required by landlords. The software is equipped with all essential features including online payment, maintenance cycle, bookkeeping, etc. Besides, Buildium helps to track the rent collection cycle and calculate the general ledger. The interface and functionality of this tool are very user-friendly. But, beginners may need to go through some learning if they want to explore and use advanced features. Buildium also offers online support during business hours through online tickets.

MRI software

MRI didn’t arrive in property management overnight. It has a long history to develop realistic software for real estate. MRI provides advanced and pin-point demand-based features that are unbeatable. The features include online rent picking up, insurance, maintenance request, communication, respite tracking, credit risk management, and so on. MRI is a highly reliable solution for rental property management. But, one thing to keep in mind that it is highly suggested for commercial property management.


If you want an easy-to-use, yet a convenient app for rental property management, Appfolio is an excellent option to consider. It offers almost all things landlords need to triumph. The features you will have as a user are real-time communication, marketing and leasing your property, accounting, and effortless reporting, maintenance and training. Still, the developers of this app are constantly adding new features to make it handier.

Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze is super flexible and suitable for both smaller residential and commercial real estate properties. They offer a huge number of features that are more than required. The software is clean and impeccable and provides powerful property management facilities. In case of your discomfort with highly advanced property management apps, you can definitely choose this one for effortless usage.

Though all of the above apps are fully equipped with excellent features, a property owner should be cautious while picking one. Some of them provide a mostly advanced facility which is only required for massive property management. It may cause extra costing for smaller property owners. Before you choose one, always note down your desired features and match them with the offered features. Thus, you can discover the right tool for you.

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