Best and most beautiful airports in Scotland guide, Scottish air travel hubs

The Best And Most Beautiful Airports In Scotland

12 August 2022

Best and most beautiful airports in Scotland
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When people think of architecture, they usually don’t mention airports. They are usually more interested in beautiful cathedrals, churches, and other older buildings. That is pretty understandable, but the airports deserve a little bit of praise too. They are rather important in this modern age of ours and that is exactly why today we are going to discuss them. The topic that definitely sounds pretty interesting is the Best and Worst Airports in Europe, but today we are going to discuss the most beautiful airports in Scotland. Here is what you need to know.

Edinburgh Airport

One of the most important airports in Scotland is definitely the Edinburgh Airport. When it comes to the location of this airport, it is in the Ingliston area of Edinburgh, just west of the city. That means it is pretty easy to find. This is one of the best options for you if you are visiting central Edinburgh or traveling internationally. But, if you are going to Glasgow, this is not a good option.

The thing tourists love to hear is that Edinburgh Castle is just 9 miles from the airport. You can get there by car or taxi in less than 30 minutes. The airport has wonderful fast food and sit-down restaurants and a Wetherspoons pub. There’s also shopping, including duty-free, and there are three lounges, with one for qualifying British Airlines passengers. It is definitely designed for comfort.

The Edinburgh Airport has only one terminal and is fairly easy to navigate when it comes to check-in and security.

Glasgow Airport

This beautiful airport is located in the town of Paisley, west of Glasgow city center. The good thing is that it is pretty easy to get from the airport to downtown Glasgow. The best transportation options are taxi and bus. The ride will only take 15 minutes.

This airport is also known as Glasgow International Airport. It is one of two airports in this beautiful city. It connects Glasgow with the U.K., Europe, and, most importantly, many of Scotland’s smaller airports. That is not the case with most airports. It’s served by several airlines. The most important names are KLM, British Airways, and United. The interesting thing is that it’s often used as a gateway hub for cruise travelers leaving from Bergen, Norway. The thing most Europeans love is that it also connects directly with the U.S., with several direct flights to the East Coast every single day of the week.

When it comes to the interior design, inside Glasgow Airport there are two lounges and many shopping and dining options. That means you will have a comfy stay at the airport.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport

We are staying in Glasgow. This beautiful city has two wonderful airports and both of them deserve to be on our list. The second airport is located at South Ayrshire, 32 miles away from Glasgow’s city center. This is a smaller airport than the one we previously discussed. It hosts flights to and from Europe, usually Spain and Italy.

Sure, there are a few restaurants and shops, but Glasgow Prestwick Airport isn’t famous for its amenities and there’s only one dining option located past security. This airport is known for its compact size and low-key flight schedule. That means that it is not necessary for you to arrive too early before your flight.

Aberdeen Airport

This is one of the smaller airports in Scotland, but it is beautifully designed. It is located in the Aberdeen suburb of Dyce, northwest of the city. Aberdeen Airport is relatively small and it is the best option for people who are specifically going to either Aberdeen or destinations in the northeast of Scotland. People who go to Cairngorms National Park use this airport. It’s an international airport, connecting travelers to Europe and the U.K.

This small and beautiful airport has only one terminal. It has some shopping options and fast service restaurants, but nothing too fancy. There are three airline lounges that are beautifully designed and pretty comfortable. This is one of the smallest airports in Scotland, but it is pretty simple and people find their way easily.

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