3 tips for launching your architecture firm in Glasgow, Scottish architects office advice

3 tips for launching your architecture firm

9 August 2022

Glasgow’s architectural talent is sorely underrated.

With an array of remarkable buildings in the city, including the City Chambers, prized National Trust site Holmwood House and the historic Govan Old Parish Church, it’s not hard to find inspiration in this bustling metropolis.

Not to mention, Glasgow was the birthplace of renowned architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the mind behind the Glasgow School of Art, Hill House and the Willow Tearooms.

3 tips for launching your architecture firm

So there are certainly worse places in the world to start your own architecture firm than this celebrated city. These are just three tips to kickstarting your firm and transforming your artistic visions into reality.

3 tips for launching an architecture firm – List

  1. Know your niche

If there is a particular industry your style is best suited to, it’s important to consider how you’ll target that market.

Having a vision is all well and good, but that vision needs to include a clear picture of your desired audience.

Consider what type of clientele you intend to offer your services too, and target your marketing efforts directly to them. A jack of all trades is good, but some clients will seek out specialists, so show them what you’re capable of!

  1. Market effectively

It goes without saying that whatever business or brand you’re running in the 21st century, you should have an online presence of some sort.

And for an architecture firm, ideally you want a website with a visual portfolio demonstrating to clients what you’re capable of, showcasing your unique selling points and delineating for them an easy process which allows them to make that initial contact with your firm.

To make yourself digitally accessible, it’s worth investing in good website design and development. In addition to this, it’s worth seeking client testimonials to showcase not only the quality of the end result but the expertise and care in your process, too. Trustpilot even has features that allow you to display service reviews from their site on your own.

  1. Make connections

They say it’s all about who you know.

And while it’s a little more complicated than that, having a few close connections in your industry can’t hurt.

As well as the chance to learn from the expertise of others in your field, networking can also be an opportunity to meet potential clients, making it worth your while – even if it’s something most professionals hate.

There are countless ways to build a network, from events to LinkedIn. Plus, it may be worth joining a business innovation hub. There are countless such organisations providing a range of services from virtual office facilities to specialist development assistance.

Such hubs exist across the country, and 3M Buckley Innovation Centre is a leading example. Remember that even if your firm is Glasgow-based, your clientele may not be, so it’s good to consider networking outside your go-to geographical region.

Want to make your architecture dreams a reality in Glasgow? These are just a few tips to get your firm off the ground.

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