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Berkeley Home News – Best Practices for Hiring a Local Berkeley HVAC Contractor

12 November 2019

Best Practices for Hiring a Local Berkeley HVAC Contractor
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What defines the efficiency of your HVAC system? Installation and maintenance does. Read more about HVAC systems.

Regular maintenance and repairs, as necessary, of your HVAC system are important and who performs is equally important. Hence, hiring HVAC contractors should not be taken lightly because it makes or breaks the comfort of your homes. It defines the efficiently of your HVAC system.

Phone-in estimates are fishy.

Ascertaining what to do and extent of service that is needed cannot be done without actually seeing the HVAC system to be serviced. No two units are the same. The ducting, registers in a room, type of insulations, windows and a handful of other factors need to be physically assessed before one can finally tell what to do with it. None of these factors can be properly assessed over the phone.

Hence, if someone gives a quote over the phone with only you describing the problem you have with your HVAC, be skeptical about it. There is a big chance of these people not being professionals and not experts in the field. A real HVAC contractor will slide through the wall partitions and crawl in your attic, and walk through your entire house. If they do not to this stuff, then you should be wary and think twice about availing their service.

Be skeptical when HVAC contractors would want to replace your old air conditioning unit with exactly the same type as before.

A properly trained contractor will protect the interest of the client as well as the reputation of the agency. For the best interests of both, he will not replace your old unit with the same unit, simply because this type is no longer updated. He would want to recommend a much updated unit to increase the efficiency and comfort of your home. If he will try to use the same old model, the company could be unloading their own inventory. A good contractor will use a current model, and those that are energy efficient ones.

“An experienced contractor” is not everything.

If a contractor would tell you that they are experts in the business as they have been doing it for several years now, do not be complacent. Because technology is evolving, and there are a lot of upgrades every now and then. It is ever changing and there are always something new with some things, like for example units that do not use up too much energy, or stuff that can help you cut on your energy bills.

Make sure that the contractor you are thinking of hiring is up to date and well-versed with what is new in technology. Experience is one thing but updated technology is another thing. You might rest your bet on an experienced contractor, but you might be surprised to find out that most of the new contractors are high-end in terms of technology but also as efficient as the experienced ones.

Go for licensed contractors.

Many contractors claim that they are licensed, but actually they are not, and they are working under the radar of licensing boards. When you hire this kind of contractor, you’re putting too much at stake. Manipulating gas lines and electrical as well as plumbing installations and applications need an expert. Otherwise, you might be putting yourself and your family to risk if these applications are manipulated by mediocre technicians who might not be well-versed with procedures and processes that they are doing.

Licensed contractors often print their license number across their literatures and websites like, so you watch out for this. Otherwise, if not there, think twice. Remember, the license equates insurance so if there is no license, there is no insurance, and any mishap that will happen cannot be covered by any insurance and that will put you in jeopardy.

Bids and contracts must be written.

Some contractors will only give you a verbal estimate or bid of their services, or even a verbal contract. This may be acceptable and is legally binding but it would be a very difficult material in court, in case you will need to file suits against your contractor. Bids and contract are always healthy when put into writing. A decent and professional contractor will put their bids and contract of work into writing. The written document must contain everything that will be done and all the details of the agreement, including the professional fee.

Hiring Local Berkeley HVAC Contractor Best Practice Advice
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Refer to reviews.

Customer reviews are not filtered, and these are good materials that one can read about a potential contractor. Client reviews are reliable ways to learn about the performance of HVAC contractors in the area, problems and issues, quality of service and perhaps even the price range. Choose your preferred or favorite review sites to check out customer feedback on any of your potential contractors in mind.

When it is too good to be true, it probably is not true.

Sometimes the lowest bidder will cost you more in the long run.

Know the price range of HVAC installation or repair in the market so you will know what a good bid would be. When the lowest bidder goes too much lower from the current market range, you must be cautious. Just imagine guys pretending to be HVAC experts when in fact they are not; or licensed contractor using somebody else’s license, or using stolen equipment, reconditioned units, and others. Remember when it is too good to be true, most often than not, it is in fact not true. Follow your guts.

Berkeley Home News – Hiring a HVAC Contractor Help

In summary, before you hire an HVAC contractor, it is important that you do research, read consumer reviews, and then you follow your instincts. Choosing a good one should not be taken lightly. Always go for efficiency, quality, and honestly of service. Always put in mind that your unit is as good as who installs it. Customer service and workmanship always matter when it comes to providing comfort in your homes.

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