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A Guide To Choosing The Shape & Material Of Your Dining Table

15May 2024

When it comes to choosing the best dining table for your home, there are a few things that you should consider. After all, it is a big purchase, both in terms of size and expense, so you’ll want to make sure that you choose the best option. It goes without saying that the size of the table you opt for, together with how many people it can seat are important factors, but you will probably also want to consider the shape of the table, the material that it is made of, and whether it will fit with the aesthetic of your home.

A guide to choosing your dining table

Our guide will offer you some important tips that will help you to find the best shape of dining table for your home and will consider some of the materials you should be looking at.

Shape, and size

Whilst you might have a good idea of the shape of table that you would like for your dining room, it can be a good idea to begin by measuring the size of the space that you have. You should allow around three feet of space between the walls, or other furniture and the table, to allow room for people to move around. You should also think about how many guests you will be sitting on a regular basis and allow plenty of space for chairs. If you are planning on entertaining, then you will either want to factor in whether you have enough room for a larger table or if you would be better with an extendable table that will give you more space in your room when it isn’t fully in use.

Once you have your measurements and have considered all of this you are ready to look at tables.

Rectangular tables

A popular and very traditional shape, these are a challenge in smaller spaces but work well if you have plenty of space.  Typically, a rectangular table will seat more people than one that is square or round.


This shape is a great choice for smaller spaces and a good choice when there are only two – four diners. It is, however, not particularly suited to more diners.


If you are looking to create a cosy dining experience then a round table is ideal. It also makes conversations very easy. However, it isn’t best suited to larger groups.


If you like the flexibility of a rectangular table and the softer shape of a round table but neither of these is the perfect choice for your dining room, then an oval table is a very good option.

All of these styles can be purchased in more traditional as well as contemporary designs, so once you have found a shape that would work for you it should be easy to find something that will fit with the décor of your home.


The majority of dining tables are made from woods such as ash, oak or pine, and with good reason. Wood is a wonderful material that will look at home in any style of property and lends itself very well to a range of different styles of table. It works on designs from a very traditional style to something more modern. It is very durable and with the right care and attention will last for many years and will still look just as stunning as the day you purchased it. Wood also makes great extendable tables. Stone topped tables with wooden legs offer the best of both worlds, with the durability of the wooden legs and the contemporary look of stone.

Other materials that you may want to consider for your dining table include metal tables, which offer a very contemporary look but may be prone to scratching, and glass topped tables.

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