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8 Reasons You Might Need To Use A Tree Shear To Clear An Area

16 August 2022

Whether it’s residential, commercial or public, there are lots of reasons why you might need to clear trees from a space. This can range from small areas that need clearing to vast open spaces that must be prepared ahead of construction.

8 reasons to use tree shear to clear an area in forest

Depending on the size of this project, this could be left to smaller teams of tree surgeons or could require huge equipment like tree shears to make the job easier.

Well, in this guide, we’ll take a look at eight reasons you might need to use this type of machinery to clear a space.

1. Health and safety

First and foremost, the removal of trees via a tree shear could be necessary for health and safety reasons.

If a location is filled with rotting wood or dead trees, there could be several potential safety hazards. Falling trees can pose a big threat to those in the local area, particularly if these trees have the potential to fall into roads, pathways or bridges with people passing by.

Not only this, but some houses could find themselves in dangerous areas where the surrounding trees are dying or weak and could potentially fall onto the property. In these cases, the trees need to be dealt with as soon as possible to mitigate the risks.

The need to deal with these trees is even greater when bad weather is forecast, be that storms, heavy winds or snow.

2. Reducing the number of pests

As well as taking care of health and safety issues, removing trees can also be a form of pest control. Although trees and plants provide natural shelter and homes for wildlife, they can also be the perfect (over)breeding ground for pests.

Areas that have a high density of trees and foliage are at bigger risk of a pest infestation, and to eliminate this, it is sometimes necessary to reduce the number of trees and shrubs in that area. This will often start by removing those trees that already play host to problematic animals or creatures.

3. Stopping the spread of disease

On a similar note, you might occasionally find that trees and vegetation in a particular space have become diseased. These diseases can spread very quickly to nearby plants or possibly even crops. Clearing the land of any damaged trees can make the whole area healthier.

8 reasons to use tree shear to clear an area

4. Reducing the chances of a fire

If any area has become overgrown with trees and vegetation, this could increase the risk of a fire, particularly in hotter areas. With temperatures sadly on the rise, more and more countries are having to prepare for this kind of scenario; this could mean using a tree shear and other machinery to thin out the space.

Removing dead shrubs and foliage, as well as rotting trees or stumps, can prevent the spread of a wildfire should one break out. This can be very important in areas where there are lots of houses or structures nearby.

5. Promoting the healthy growth of other trees and plants

It’s not all doom and gloom; there are plenty of advantages to be had from clearing trees that don’t involve pests, disease or fire. When a plot of land becomes too overcrowded, the likelihood of some of the lower plants and vegetation surviving sadly decreases.

So, clearing the space with tree shears and other agricultural machinery gives them more space to grow, as well as better access to the water, sunlight and nutrients they need to thrive.

Not only this, but overcrowding can cause weeds and other undesirable plants to spread quickly. This, in turn, can contribute to soil erosion. Clearing these spaces helps to redistribute the soil more evenly and make the area healthier.

6. Clearing for construction

One of the biggest uses for a tree shear is to clear land ahead of construction. Whether it’s one house, two houses or an entirely new estate going up, the land must be thoroughly cleared and prepared before any building can begin.

This will require the removal of any trees that are in the area, including all stumps, shrubs and vegetation that must be moved. In some cases, protected trees may be left and built around, but on most sites, it’s important to get the ground as clear and level as possible.

A tree shear is the best tool for the job as it can manage trees of varying sizes, and it is a much safer way to remove them. As trees are cut, they can be held and transported easily to different places, ready to be taken away or used for other purposes.

7. For aesthetics and viewpoints

Lots of people will have trees pruned to make sure they look good and don’t block valuable views or sunlight. However, in some cases, pruning is simply not enough and more needs to be done to stop the tree from obstructing the beauty or sunshine the property owner is looking for. This is when they are removed.

Not only this, but sometimes a tree, particularly a dead tree, just look unattractive. This can be off-putting to tenants or homeowners and could even decrease the value of a property. In these cases, the trees will usually be removed.

The only thing is that the person asking for the tree to be removed might have to get permission first. This might be from a landlord or local council, but sometimes boxes may need to be ticked before they can be removed with a tree shear.

8. To stop damage to property or infrastructure

Finally, trees are strong, and their roots are even stronger. Unfortunately, this can lead to damage either to property or important infrastructure nearby. In these cases, trees may need to be removed to stop further issues.

For example, roots can grow under houses, driveways or pavements and begin to lift or shift them over time. Alternatively, they might begin to grow in or around important sewer lines or pipes. To stop this and ensure the damage is kept to a minimum, these trees and their roots may be extracted.

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