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5 Signs You Need a New Boiler in Your Home

16 July 2020

There is no denying the fact the regular maintenance can increase the life span of all the appliances in your house. It is especially true for the home boilers. If you are getting boiler maintenance regularly, then your boiler can last up to 15 years.

However, there is only a limit to which a boiler can work efficiently. When a boiler is too old, then it requires maintenance more often, and these maintenance costs can cost you a lot of money. So, if you want to save all that money, then you should know when it’s time to replace your old and malfunctioning boiler with a brand new one.

If you think that you have no idea how to know if you need a boiler or not, then worry no more. This blog is going to cover you with all the pray tell signs that you need a boiler replacement.

Here you go:

It is Older than 15 Years

If you don’t know this already, then you must know that it is a rule of thumb that you should consider getting a new boiler if it’s older than 15 years. It doesn’t matter if you were getting regular maintenance. If it is that old, you should start saving to get a new one so that a sudden maintenance issue in your boiler can’t trouble you.

Energy Efficiency Rating is dropping

It doesn’t matter if your boiler is old or new, you should keep an eye on the energy efficiency score on your boiler. If it is dropping and less than “A,” then it means that you need a new boiler, and you better start looking for it.

It is Taking Longer to Heat Up

Your boiler is working in perfect condition. There is no leak, and you don’t have to get maintenance every other day. But, there is a slight problem that it now takes more time to get heat up. If it is happening, then it means that your boiler is old and it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, it’ll just get slower with every day passing.

Your Boiler Has a Different Flame Color

If you are looking for an indicator test to know instantly if you need a new boiler for your home, then you should notice the color of the flame of your boiler. If it’s blue, then you are good, and you probably don’t need a new boiler, but if it is yellow, then it means you definitely need a boiler replacement. If you need a new boiler and are low income, you may want to consider applying for an Eco grant, this is a type of funding offered by energy companies. It enables those eligible to receive part or full funding towards a new boiler installation.

Your Fuel Cost is Rising Gradually

If the fuel cost of your boiler is more this year than it was last year, and it seems to be rising gradually, then it means that your boiler is not working efficiently, and you need a new one this year to save all that fuel cost.

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5 Signs That Says You Need a New Boiler for Your Home

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