4 ways to create an idyllic Scottish holiday home, Scotland vacation accommodation tips

4 Ways to Create an Idyllic Scottish Holiday Home

27 Oct 2022

Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the country, and is the perfect place for an idyllic getaway.

Here are four tried and tested ways to create your own peaceful Scottish bolthole.

4 ways to create an idyllic Scottish holiday home

4 Ways to Create a Calm Scottish Holiday Home – List

  1. Lean into the Character of Your Property

If you invest in an older property, it’s likely to have some original character features still present. If you want to give your property some individuality, it’s a good idea to enhance those features.

Whether you have an old fireplace, shutters, original stonework or wooden floors, use this to your advantage to bring out all the wonderful charm of your property.

You can always bring out your favourite Farrow and Ball shade to highlight your favourite features – there’s nothing like a Rectory Red fireplace to draw focus in a room!

  1. Make Your Bed the Focus

Research claims that we spend up to 26 years of our lives in bed, so having a comfortable place to rest your head is so important to your wellbeing.

By investing in a mattress that is right for your posture, height and weight, you can reduce sleeping problems like insomnia, and back and neck pain.

You can consult with bed specialists like Archers Sleep Centre – www.archerssleepcentre.co.uk – who can help you find the perfect bed with minimal effort.

Make your bed a focal point by choosing a suitable mattress, and picking out a duvet that suits the current season, temperature of your house and your own personal body temperature. You might also want to consider the height of your bed, and whether you would like extra storage space underneath it.

  1. Consider the Upkeep of the Property

If your holiday home is likely to only be used a handful of times every year, you might want to consider how you will be able to maintain it over a long period of time.

You will need to ensure that the property is kept free from damp and dust while you are away, and you will want to consider a solution for any fluke emergency problems like burst pipes or roof damage.

To combat this, you can hire a maid to regularly check the property and complete basic cleaning tasks between visits like dusting and vacuuming, and any problems can easily be reported back. You can use cleaning services like Molly Maid for regular cleaning that won’t break the bank, but will keep your property fresh and clean for the next time you want to visit.

  1. Decorate well

Tasteful decoration will take your property a long way to becoming a dream sanctuary for you to relax in. Decorate your rooms in a functional fashion, and avoid clutter to keep your rooms looking minimalist and stylish.

For rooms that feel open and airy, you might want to consider a paler colour scheme or wallpaper. You can invest in quirky and stylish wallpaper to bring out the character in your rooms.

Do you have any suggestions for creating the ideal Scottish holiday home? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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