4 tips to getting the best front porch railings

4 tips to getting the best front porch railings, Property metalwork design, Home custom metal railing guide

4 Tips to Getting the Best Front Porch Railings Guide

23 Dec 2020

4 Tips to Getting the Best Front Porch Railings for Your Hangout Place

4 Tips to Getting the Best Front Porch Railings
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Who wouldn’t want to have a sanctuary where they could spend their free time to unwind on their own or with their best friends? We all do. However, we would want our supposed-to-be comfortable place as an area filled with good energy and safety. Thus, the need for a good railing system to keep us protected from outside elements and remain in comfort within the space we occupy. We have created this article to assist you in what Real Canadian Management Solutions says you should consider when choosing the right railings.

Enhancing Front Porch Railings With Metal or Wood

Wood has been the ultimate go-to material used for railings for the longest time. You could notice the oldest houses with elevated rooms have wooden railings in them long before the metal ones emerged. Now, people opt for metal railings because of their unparalleled longevity and lesser need for maintenance. Wooden railings are prone to decay, thus, making it easier to break once it gets in contact with hard objects.

If this is the case, replacing the baluster while leaving the entire railing apart is often done by drilling the hole on top and utilizing the additional leeway to insert the replacement in. However, this results in a loose baluster as time goes by. Although it appears to be intact, the wood size decreases over time causing the balusters to become loose. To deal with this issue, you will have to search for other railing types that are compatible with both metal and wood for a modernized look that is sturdy enough to attach itself.

  • Changing the wooden balusters to metal – Aside from providing elegance, a custom metal railing is sturdier than wood. There are also a variety of metals to select like aluminum, brass, or steel that can appear as wrought iron. What others do is to exchange their wooden balusters for the steel ones. Don’t worry, you can also have your metal railings custom made according to your size and shape preferences.
  • Improving metal panels with touches of wood – Combining wood and metal is possible with the removal of the whole wooden rails and changing it with initially welded metal panels. Others add composite caps above the railing panel or even utilizing metal panels as a connection to wooden posts.

Removing your wood railings and replacing them with a more contemporary one is one step to entirely changing the concept of your interior. Rather than going for the traditional ones, how about shifting to the more durable and modern types of railings like glass and stainless steel? These for sure have a greater value for money because the qualities do not immediately deteriorate.

Renewing Your Old Railing Balusters

Deciding to change your current wooden railing to a new one can be a total struggle. It would require you to destroy the old railings and retaining the remaining parts that could possibly not be reliable and sturdy enough. We cannot change the fact that wood can rot. These will not help you save money and effort as sooner it will be worn out and urge you to spend money for its replacement.

Here, you might want to check out metal railings for your home baluster instead of wood. Comparing the two, the metal is much more durable and can last longer than wood since it undergoes the process of decaying as time passes by.

Wondering what to do when replacing your wood railings with metal ones? Here’s how:

  • As much as possible, remove your old railings and attach the newer ones at the sides. Measure the distance between the posts and start making holes where the balusters will be attached. This must be done on both the top and bottom rails which are placed side by side in order for the top and bottom placements of the newer balusters would perfectly fit in it.
  • Then, attach the newer rails in the holes you’ve just created. Note that the process is just similar to how you’ve attached your previous wooden balusters.
  • For the convenience of your installation as well as the prevention of the railings splitting on you as soon as you place the balusters, you will need a special mount that is screwed on the rail where you would be placing your balusters. This is much easier because the balusters will only slide above the mounts.
  • You can also choose to place metal balusters into the wooden railings by screwing the balusters to the outer surface of the rail. Many do not prefer this method because the attachment point where the balusters are mounter is visible but it’s the simplest method in improving your old railings.

What’s a better option than those previously indicated? Have a pre-assembled complete railing system personalized but expect that you will be spending more because the railing manufacturers will already be doing the assembly for you. With replacing your balusters, chances are you will be spending more than the custom made pre-assembled railings because you will be considering countless maintenance efforts just to salvage them.

Benefits of Installing a Railing System

Have no time installing the posts of your railings? You can opt to customize a pre-assembled railing system so that when it arrives, all you have to do is position it in the area you want it to be and tada! You already have a railing to cover the site. This is available in materials like aluminum, glass, or even cable.

  • The distance between the posts is fixed. Specify the measurements of the distance between the railing posts and then you can cut the posts according to the lengths provided.
  • Attaching the railing system does not require much effort. This is very convenient for many who choose to attach it by themselves. You can find those with mounting brackets to assist you in the installation process.
  • Pre-assembled panels are quicker to install. There are railing manufacturers who can produce pre-assembled railings so that you can already attach them to the designated place you want them to be without having to install them individually. This saves up the time and labor you have to allow for the installation procedure.

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