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Why You Will Choose Fire Doors For Your Home

22 July 2022

If a fire occurs in a home or other property, fire doors are purpose-built to stop the spread of smoke and flames throughout the building. Installing internal fire doors will not only make your home safer. Still, it will also have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your home, ultimately leading to an improvement in the overall look of your property.

Why you will choose fire doors for your home

Different Types of Fire Doors

The FD30 and FD60 are the two different ratings currently available for purchase in the category of fire doors. Regarding fire doors, the clue is in the name: FD30 and FD60 doors give fire protection for 30 and 60 minutes, respectively. For doors to be labeled and sold as fire doors, they must pass an official test and meet a certain standard. Only then can they be considered to be fire doors.

For the test, fire doors are put through the BS 476 Part 22 test, which evaluates how well they stop the spread of flames, smoke, and gases and how long they can withstand the passage of fire without allowing it to spread to adjacent regions.

Why Fire Door For Your Home?

  1. Fire doors offer significant benefits for enhancing the safety of your home and are highly recommended. Two essential advantages of installing fire doors are that they make it easier to evacuate your home securely and expediently and that they reduce the amount of damage that is caused to your property.
  1. If your home is equipped with FD30 fire doors, it will be safer in the case of fire since you can quickly evacuate any affected rooms. This will help save your life and reduce the damage to your house. This, in turn, can prevent unintentional flames from growing into full-blown conflagrations, resulting in a significant reduction in the destructive capability of the fire.
  1. It is essential to keep in mind that your fire door can only function properly when it is closed and that leaving it open will render both you and your property defenseless in the event of a fire. Fire doors are more robust than standard doors, but they can still have an exquisite appearance, which means they can bring significant safety benefits to your home.
  1. In addition to these benefits, fire doors have a high-quality look and feel since they are more robust. When fire doors were first introduced, the sole option was a conventional woodgrain door. These days, however, you have access to the same wide range of options available for oak doors in general, including spectacular internal glazed doors and beautiful Victorian paneled fire doors.
  1. Fire doors have a quality feel that makes a fantastic impression on your home design and adds value to your property. Although the feeling of your entries may not be your top priority when installing fire-rated doors, fire doors do have a premium feel that makes a beautiful impression.

Fire doors, which tend to have a more substantial feel to them, also serve to soundproof the rooms they’re installed in. These doors are more acoustically insulating than your typical interior doors, which means that they can prevent noise from one area in your home from traveling to another.

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