James MacLaren Architect, Scotland

James MacLaren, Scotland, Architect of Vernacular Buildings, Projects, Book, History, Works James MacLaren Architect Scottish Arts & Crafts – 19th Century Scottish Architecture – James Marjoribanks MacLaren 1853 – 1890 Scottish Arts & Crafts architect who promoted development of the Scottish Vernacular architecture. He was a major influence on Rennie Mackintosh. James Maclaren designed buildings … Read more

Moshe Safdie Architect, Corrour Lodge

Moshe Safdie, Architect, Highlands House, Scottish Estate Photos, Design, Date, Information, Images Moshe Safdie Architects : Scottish Highlands House Corrour Lodge, Loch Ossian, Highlands, Scotland – design by Moshe Safdie – Corrour Lodge Contemporary Scottish Property by Moshe Safdie Architects; Morris and Steedman Associates (formerly né Begg Architects) Corrour Lodge image by Moshe Safdie Architects … Read more

Mckeown Alexander Architects Glasgow: JM

Glasgow Green flats by Mckeown Alexander Architects, Contemporary Scottish houses, Architecture, Property photos Mckeown Alexander Housing : Homes for the Future Homes for the Future Glasgow, New Property in Strathclyde, western Scotland post updated 23 September 2023 Homes for the Future, Lanark Street / Glasgow Green, Glasgow, Strathclyde Mckeown Alexander (now jm architects) mckeown alexander … Read more

gm+ad book: Glasgow architects

gm+ad book, Challenging Contextualism, Penny Lewis, Stephen Spear gm+ad architects – book review gordon murray + alan dunlop architects, Glasgow, Scotland, UK gm+ad book Challenging Contextualism Penny Lewis, Stephen Spear £20 Paperback 120 pages (21 Mar, 2003) Publisher: Gordon Murray & Alan Dunlop Architects (gm+ad architects) ISBN: 1903653150 Order Challenging Contextualism Today gm+ad book review … Read more

Dualchas Building Design: Glasgow Architects Office

Dualchas Building Design, Architect Office Strathclyde, Project, Practice, News, Location, Move, Info Dualchas Building Design Glasgow Glasgow Architecture Office, Templeton Business Centre, Scotland Design Studio 2 Apr 2009 Dualchas Glasgow Housing Minister to open architects’ office in Glasgow As the construction industry faces up to the trauma of the credit crunch, a Highland architecture practice … Read more

Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop – gm+ad architects

Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop, Chinese Architecture, Scottish Book gm+ad architects – China Architecture Book + Film re gm+ad architects, Glasgow, Strathclyde, west of Scotland 6 Nov 2006 Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop Architects gm+ad in China Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop Architects are included in a new global architecture publication. The book features top architects … Read more