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Pros and Cons of Face-to-Face Classes (Remote Learning)

5 July 2022

These days, students have two options on how to study. They can attend classes in person or switch to remote learning. Both options are very different in practice. Remote learning gives people more freedom. Though, it requires a lot of discipline and organizational skills in return. Face-to-face classes allow you to make new friends and talk to teachers freely. Yet, they lack flexibility and require certain time sacrifices. Overall, everyone can find a perfect study method after considering its cons and pros. So, let’s have a closer look at those.

Pros and Cons of Face-to-Face Classes - Remote Learning

Pros: Instant answer

Being present in a classroom gives you instant access to all your answers. Your teachers are there to help you with any query. Thus, students can receive explanations for any uncertain or argumentative moments in their programs.

Of course, everyone in remote learning has access to the Internet to get their answers. Yet, it is not the same. A teacher represents a reliable source of knowledge. They can give you just the right type of answer you need at the moment. The Internet is more like a digging station. You will have to work to find your answers there.

Cons: Lack of flexibility

Face-to-face classes lack flexibility. Thus, students are always time and place-bound to their classes. There is no other way to receive the needed information other than being physically present in the room. Of course, such learning can’t fit everyone’s lifestyle. Thus, students have to change cities, commute to school, schedule their lives around classes, etc.

Also, in-person studying always follows a prescribed program. Students have to keep up with the planned pace. Falling even a little behind means struggling to understand the next topics and failing checkpoints.

With remote learning, people can study at their own time and pace. Hence, they have more freedom to study wherever and whenever. Additionally, they always have a chance to repeat a class once again when they miss out on some valuable information.

Pros: Better organization

By attending classes in person rather than remotely, students have a better structure in their days. Thus, they must stay organized and prepare for classes on certain days and locations. People often struggle with poor organizational skills and procrastination.

A traditional style of learning will serve as your structure. It sets clear boundaries on when and where you must be. Teachers in class will also notice when you haven’t practiced. Thus, it can be an additional motivation to work harder. In addition, in-class learning helps with better concentration during a lesson.

One can have many distractions when studying remotely. Finding the time and a place to study can be a challenge. Besides, by studying alone, one needs to exercise a good deal of self-discipline. Not many students are capable of mastering the nuances of remote learning on their first try. Hence, they may start dragging behind just due to a lack of organizational skills.

Of course, there are always things like writing services and my assignment help reviews to help students find learning assistance when needed. Yet, it’s best to stay focused and organized during classes.

Cons: Comfort

All people study differently. For example, some of us like to participate and be active in classes, and others don’t. Some students need a productive, peaceful environment to focus and study. Others prefer passionate discussion and arguments in a classroom. Overall, it’s just a matter of preference and participation style.

Thus, some people feel better knowing their learning process goes on their terms. Remote learning can ensure a more personalized approach to your studying. Yet, face-to-face classes… well, not so much.

During physical classes, people may often feel uncomfortable due to a lack of control over the learning strategy. In its turn, the feeling of uncomfortableness can’t help students relax and focus on a lesson. Thus, some may intentionally prefer remote learning for comfort reasons.

Pros: Socialization

Students have a great opportunity to socialize when attending in-person classes. We are very social creatures by nature. So being able to study in a group together can boost our mood and motivate us to engage.

Also, studying face-to-face can create a healthy competitive mode among students. So, such an environment can encourage students to work harder and stay active throughout the class. Overall, life is also a type of competition. Learning how to fit in, hold a conversation, and argue (in a respectable manner) are all valuable lessons to master. Face-to-face classes help students practice those lessons.

Also, a good portion of socialization after classes also concerns the previously received lesson. Hence, students repeat what they’ve just learned by discussing it with peers. Of course, such a habit can increase one’s ability to remember and comprehend information.

Bottom line

The learning process is not easy at all. Students have to endure many challenges, push themselves to do better and work hard to achieve good results. Yet, finding a perfect study method for yourself can greatly help you in learning. Each learning style has unique specifics that students can use to their advantage.

Hence, those who prepare for individual learning will find remote studying quite a treat. There, one enjoys the most freedom in their learning style and pace. Others may prefer in-person classes so they can study in groups and seek help once they do. Overall, you only need to know your own strengths and weaknesses to choose the right course.

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