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Overview of Main Construction Trends in 2022

28 March 2022

As a result of the COVID-19 the last few years were rough for all spheres of business and for construction in particular. It resulted in growing costs, workforce shortage and stricter laws. However, as stated by the experts the construction industry will get back on the rails in 2022.

It is obvious that this business is a highly-competitive area and being aware of new construction trends will definitely be useful for those who are in it. So, if you want your company to become more prosperous you may find it useful to consider some leading trends in the construction sector in 2022.

Overview of main construction trends in 2022

An Overview of Main Construction Trends in 2022 Guide

Opting for proper construction management software is essential for any company if you don’t want to see it at the bottom of the list. It will help you to increase your company’s productivity by providing proper coordination and control of all processes such as scheduling, budgeting, choosing project participants etc. Buildertrend, Project Bidding Software, Autodesk are good examples though they can slightly differ.

As it has been mentioned, the pandemic has also affected the construction industry. It resulted in updating the regulations on hygiene and safety and introduction of new hi-tech personal protective equipment. For example, boots connected to Wi-Fi, signaling others in case a worker falls down or headsets lowering sound pollution and keeping a worker in touch with the others at the same time. Many processes have become automatized substituting humans but we still are facing significant increase in demand for workforce. Despite robotizing, more skilled workers who could manage the data produced by new machines are required. Luckily for the construction sphere, the pandemic created a positive vision of trade schools, pointing at construction companies as those which can provide career growth and various opportunities for work with new technologies.

The coronavirus changed the way we used to carry on business, limiting our physical contact and access to materials and offices. However, it didn’t bring it to a halt. Many mobile applications were developed which allowed holding meetings virtually so that public projects could keep on being developed.  Such applications can also complete some routine tasks such as document digitization, resources inventory etc.

One of the trends which has been frequently used is prefab and modular buildings, requested mostly by the domestic sector. This industry is supposed to rise up to nearly $110 billion by 2025, although it has been impacted by the pandemic as well and some businesses even had to close down facing serious shortages. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that modular projects can provide safer conditions for employees who will stay in climate-controlled and ventilated environments which are perfect for those who want to keep social distancing.

The idea of eco-friendly construction is not new and it is widely supported worldwide. However, sustainable construction still remains rather expensive and not accessible for many businesses. Environmentally friendly construction is aimed at limiting greenhouse gasses and reducing the depletion of resources. Besides, it is proved that a green building has a positive psychological influence on people living or staying in it.

Moreover, technologies move even further. Some of the global tech enterprises are directing funds on building sustainable cities. These cities are supposed to be connected and it requires thorough planning and development. Some of the most eloquent examples of such projects include Songdo International Business District in South Korea and India’s Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. These projects have been developed to contribute to environmental protection and care about humans’ health.

The coronavirus has greatly changed this world but the outlook is quite optimistic. After a hard period, a recovery and rise are always expected.

Also, if you are planning to buy a home or flat in building make sure that you have a building warranty that prevent you from structural defects for a period of five years from the date of handover.

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