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What are the latest trends in office architecture and design?

13 Jan 2023

In recent years, the way architects design and equip offices has changed. The biggest drivers of these changes include digitalisation, the global pandemic and the changing demands that the generation of young professionals is putting on their workplaces.

The architecture and interior design industries are in a constant state of change. However, architects and interior designers not only have to adapt to the passage of time, they also must themselves evolve and drive innovation. This includes being open to new trends and implementing them in their daily work. By doing so, they inspire their customers and design office spaces that allow employees to have the best possible working experience.

In this article, we present a selection of new trends in office architecture & design. These trends are just about to take off and are highly demanded in the years 2022 and 2023.

Office architecture and design latest trends

These trends are hot in 2022 / 23

There are many reasons why the demands and preferences in office architecture & design are constantly on the move. Among other things, changes in society lead to new trends forming and taking hold. These changes in society include, for example, a shift in attitude towards one’s own work or a greater need for a flexible balance between work and recreational time.

Similarly, global crises such as pandemics or climate change, technological influences such as digitalisation or economic influences such as globalisation also contribute to the formation of new trends. For architects and interior designers, there are therefore a number of different aspects to consider when designing an office. New trends should always play a role in the development of office space of the future.

In the following sections, we will introduce you to current trends in office architecture & design.

Biophilic design

The term biophilic design stands for the implementation of nature in the interior design of homes or offices. In the last two centuries, the urban working world has gradually moved away from nature. Today, around 70 percent of the working population in western countries work in the service sector. Only 1 to 5 percent of the population in the West still derives its livelihood directly from nature. From an economic point of view, this may be an advantage.

For office workers, however, this means that they hardly any longer maintain a relationship with nature in their everyday work. The biophilic office architecture & design aims to change that. The calming, healthy and concentration-enhancing effect of nature is to be brought into the office with daylight, natural materials and abundant planting. Instead of grey concrete rooms, thanks to biophilic office architecture & design, employees work in green oases.

Acoustics in interior design

Acoustics is becoming an increasingly important issue in interior architecture and design. Emphasis is being placed on the use of sound-absorbing materials to keep the noise level in offices at a moderate level. There are many ways to use sound-absorbing materials. For example, there is furniture, wall coverings or room dividers that absorb sound and ensure a quiet working environment.

Both designers and interior architects are needed in this area. The architect may work with the client to design the rooms in such a way that as little sound as possible is echoed. Meanwhile, the interior designer might choose furnishings that absorb sound or shield noise-producing objects. Consideration must also be given to the purposes and accommodation of different departments. For example, the department for telephone customer support usually generates a higher level of noise than the accounting department.

Retro and geometric patterns

A modern office combines the past with the present. The combination of old and new design elements is one of the most popular trends in office architecture & design for 2022 and 2023. Among other things, geometric patterns are used with retro design. The combinations of new and old floor coverings are also a popular tool of this trend. Other trendy design elements include brass, stone looks and industrial retro metals.

Various metal finishes may also be considered. Old and new elements in office architecture & design is one of the hottest trends for office spaces in 2022 and 2023. The mix of old and new textures creates a warm feeling that is spiced up with the modern elements in the interior design. The result can boost creativity and encourage employees to identify with the company culture and their employer’s brand.


The construction of sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings is probably one of the biggest trends in construction ever. The climate crisis affects us all, and we must all pull together to mitigate its effects. Every sector of the economy can contribute to this. This also applies to architecture, and to office architecture & design in particular.

In terms of sustainable architecture & design, there are a few points to consider. On one hand, construction itself must be planned sustainably and take place in a way that conserves resources. However, the building must also be able to be operated sustainably. This includes effective insulation, energy-saving technical equipment, and so on. In addition, interior architects and interior designers should enable employees to work in a more sustainable manner. A sustainable office design embraces a progressive lifestyle. It affirms employees who already work and live sustainably, and encourages other employees to do the same.

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The latest trends in office architecture & design: Conclusion

There are many different reasons why new trends in office architecture & design emerge and take hold. Professionals working in the field of office architecture & design should not only be open to these trends, but also understand their causes. Only in this way can new trends be implemented satisfactorily for the buyer and for the employees.

In this article, we have described the most popular trends in office architecture & design for 2022 and 2023. These include a biophilic design, acoustics in interior design, retro and geometric patterns and the implementation of the principles of sustainability. All of these trends vary greatly from one another. However, they all serve their distinct purpose. If you combine these trends with each other in the right way, you will design the office of tomorrow today.

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