Incorporating LED downlights in your decor

Incorporating LED downlights in your decor, Property mood advice, LED device function visual effects

Incorporating LED Downlights in Your Decor

1 February 2024

The times when designer journals promoted pendants and chandeliers as the best source of light at home are long gone, with the modern trend of LED downlights. The power of lighting should not be underestimated, as when properly chosen for the given space, it can transform it into a cosy palace where it is easy to relax but also to work if necessary. LED downlights can be valued for their visual appeal, functionality, versatility, and capability to improve productivity. How do you successfully incorporate LED downlights into your decor to create a modern and functional space?

Incorporating LED downlights in your decor

What are LED downlights?

LED lights are widely known and used, and LED downlights are those lighting fixtures installed on the ceiling. Their biggest advantage is the variation they come in, allowing users to adjust them and use them for work, relaxation, or decor purposes. The bulbs can be integrated, creating a row of lights, while others can be separated. Thanks to the movable gimbal, the source of light can be used to illuminate different parts of the room.

The reason why LED downlights became so popular is the constant fight for energy-efficient solutions at home, which LED lights are perfect for. Their incredible efficiency does not require the same amount of energy as the outdated bulbs, and even the minimal wattage supplies enough light. The lack of functional elements that can fail and their longness is another benefit, ensuring long months or even years of lighting.

LED downlights are also greatly versatile, being perfect solution for kitchen, bathroom, or even office space. Depending on the preference of the family, the light can be more ambient, cool white with narrow beam angle, or quite the opposite, warm light with wider beam angle.

How do you choose LED downlights for your space?

The first criteria for deciding whether the LED downlight is appropriate for your space is not the visual aspect at all. It is more important to analyze the lighting requirements, size of the room, or celigin height. The analysis of all of them will allow you to choose the best LED downlight solutions for your needs.

To know how many lights a room needs, the rule of thumb is used, which means one LED downlight for every fifty square feet. Depending on the most common function for the space, you can choose from fixed or adjustable downlights.

A fixed downlight provides a steady downward beam with general and ambient lighting. Adjustable downlights have a movable gimbal, which allows some changes in the direction of light, which gives them more versatility.

The purpose of the room will have an impact on the colour temperature and beam angle of the LED downlights. That is why different lights should be used in different rooms, as in the bedroom or living room, a warm light with a wide beam will be much better for relaxation purposes. Bathroom downlights, or those used in the kitchen or study, may be natural or cool white light with a narrow beam. They seem to be more suitable as they give the impression of more light they produce.

How to incorporate LED downlights at home?

Each space at home requires the light source adjusted to its function, making the choice of LED downlights a little challenging. There are a range of features that need to be taken into consideration when the fixtures are chosen.

The living room is the space where we mostly relax, spend time with our family and friends, or watch TV. One of the requirements we have for the space is that it be convenient, cosy, and give us the feeling of being reset after work. The best choice for a living room is a dimmable fixed LED downlight, giving you the full power to customize the lighting according to your current activities or needs by changing the brightness.

In the kitchen, we are mostly more focused and need brighter light, with cool white or natural white and narrow beam angles proper for cooking. The light must be adjustable, as we are rather moving around the space, changing between tasks. It is a good idea to have a few LED downlights over your kitchen island, which is best for cutting, mixing, or eating meals. Bathroom downlights can be chosen similarly, or with adjustable lights as a better option, dimmed light for relaxation, and a stronger one for makeup or other activities requiring focused light.

Bedrooms do not correspond well with cool white light, which may cause some difficulties with falling asleep, which makes the warm light LED downlight the best choice. If your bedroom is small, consider using recessed downlights, which are fixed in the ceiling, not on it, which may give an impression of saved space.

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