How to renovate your stairs on a budget advice, Home bannister spindles and handrails renewal

How to renovate your stairs on a budget

5 October 2023

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Your staircase is one of the most prominent features of your home.

Not only does it allow you to move between the rooms on different floors, but it can also make a stunning focal point in your hallway.

Often, the stairs will be the first thing that guests notice when you open your front door, which is why you need to make sure it’s looking its best.

If there is little to nothing wrong with the functionality of your staircase, you don’t necessarily need to replace it with a brand-new design. Renovating it will allow you to enhance its look without spending a fortune.

Here are just a few ways staircase specialists, Abbott-Wade, have helped their clients renovate their staircases in Glasgow, whilst staying on budget.

·       Replace old treads and risers with cladding

Have your stair treads and risers seen better days?

Instead of replacing worn treads and risers altogether, cladding over them will cost a fraction of the price and give your staircase a fresh new look, nonetheless.

·       Install a new handrail

Handrails assist people in safely navigating the stairs and give you something to grab should you trip or lose your balance.

However, when you factor in the number of people that use your stairs and grab the rail as they go up and down, it can soon start to look grubby. Fitting a new handrail is a subtle way to transform your home without the disruption and expense that comes with a complete renovation.

·       Swap wooden spindles for metal alternatives

Easily combined with wooden steps and handrails, metal spindles are a cost-effective way to switch up the look of your dated wooden staircase – giving your home a more modern look.

For an ultra-sleek feel, consider black metal spindles. These can be as ornate or as simple as you like to suit your home and reflect your style.

·       Add a lick of paint

Got a spare tub of paint in your pantry in a colour you love? Painting the treads, risers, spindles, newel posts and handrails is a surefire way to give your stairs a stylish new look, without costing you an arm and a leg!

Before you apply at least two coats of semi-gloss paint, make sure you sand down the wooden surfaces to remove any old varnish or paint coatings and use a good-quality primer to ensure a smooth finish.

·       Use a stair runner

Adding a runner allows you to enjoy the warm look of wooden stairs whilst benefitting from the extra grip of a carpet.

Stair runners are available in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes, and they can be fitted across the entire step or straight down the middle of your staircase. And the best bit? They’re sure to make your stairs safer and more stylish, and they won’t leave you feeling strapped for cash!

·       Clad over the structural sides

If you’d love to be able to redesign your staircase but can’t afford to, all is not lost.

Cladding over the structural parts is a cost-effective alternative – guaranteed to create the impression of a full new staircase with a lot less hassle and expense, which is ideal if money is tight.

Need more inspiration for your staircase renovation project?

When it comes to renovating staircases in Glasgow or anywhere else, it pays to go to a reputable manufacturer.

They will stock a superb range of stair parts and can share budget-friendly tips and tricks to give your worn-out staircase a trendy new look.

They can help to bring your modern staircase ideas to life, whilst keeping within your budget, too.

So, what have you got to lose?

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