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How To Make Your Home Feel Brighter

21 Nov 2020

There is nothing better than living in a bright home. Gloomy homes can make someone feel sad and blue, it attracts negativity and sadness. The good news is there are ways to make your home feel a lot brighter without the need of spending too much.

Ways To Make Your Home Brighter

Your home should be a place for you to feel warm, comfortable and secure, but if your home is too dark, you may not be able to feel it. Well, winning in slots can make your day bright even if your home in Glasgow is dark, but what if it is not your day and you lose a huge amount of money when playing it? The atmosphere in your home can just add to the gloomy feeling you are currently experiencing.

If you feel like your home is dark, maybe it is time for some makeover. Worry not as much, as the simple makeover ideas below do not require you to spend a lot.


  • Install bright light bulbs


This is actually the most basic and obvious. Changing your bulbs with something that is a lot brighter is a good idea. Right after you change your bulbs, you can instantly see the changes in your home. It will give you not just an illusion but a real improvement on the brightness of your home.

Buy bulbs that are high in quality yet not too expensive on the electricity.


  • Minimize window covering


If you have too dark, thick curtains, changing it to thinner ones is recommended. You may also want to consider blinds so it is adjustable. Remove any tall furniture, plants or appliance in front of the window, keep the window area clear so you can get the maximum light from the sun.

The window should be able to provide you a natural light you cannot get from a light bulb.


  • Hang mirrors on walls


Mirrors can give an illusion of brightness in a home. Adding mirrors on the walls can give an element of warmth and brightness.


  • Decorate your home with plants


There is so much positivity plants can bring inside the home and one of which is it adds light to a gloomy and dark home. Being close to nature is what everyone wants to achieve from their home, and adding a touch of beautiful plants around it can do the job.

Make sure though that the plants you will choose thrive indoors and you already researched on how to take care of it. You can ask help from the plant experts so you know which plants are best indoors.


  • Paint it!


Sure, if your room is dark because of its paint, changing it to a color that is clear and bright like white is a good idea. You can have a professional do the painting for you, or you can do it just by yourself.


  • Clean!


There are instances when the home seems dark because of the clutters. Clean your home and see the improvements after.