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How Cubic Feet Calculations are Important for Architects

29 June 2020

Cubic feet calculators are used to calculate the cube shaped container consisting of sand or soil. To determine how much sand can be putt in the cubic shaped space, you just need to find out the length, width and height of that container.

Relation of mathematics and architecture

Mathematics and architecture are related because as with other arts, architects use mathematics for many reasons. To define the spatial form of a building, architects use mathematics and geometry during the construction of the buildings.

How Much Cubic Feet Calculations are Important for Architects

From the Pythagoreans of the sixth century BCE, the properties are considered harmonious. Architects used mathematics for many reasons, leaving the essential use of mathematics in the engineering of buildings.

  • Firstly, they can use geometry in their work as it is defined as the spatial form of the building.
  • Secondly, they can also use the mathematics to design the harmonious and beautiful buildings.
  • Third, they can use mathematical objects such as tessellation to decorate buildings.
  • Fourth, they can use mathematics as computer modeling to accomplish environmental goals, such as reducing airborne air currents based on tall buildings.

Mathematics is the basis of architecture. The relationship between mathematics and architecture dates back to the early days of man’s construction of functional structures.

In ancient Egyptian, Greek, Islamic, and Roman societies, mathematicians were architects, and architects were mathematicians. Mathematicians participated in the design of large structures such as pyramids, stadiums, temples, and canals.

The Taj Mahal is an example of Mughal architecture, both representing heaven and showcasing the power of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan through its scale, symmetry, and expensive decoration.

Taj Mahal Mughal architecture

The white marble mausoleum is decorated with pietra dura, the great gateway (darwaza-e rouza), other buildings, gardens, and paths together creating a unified hierarchical design.

The buildings include a mosque in red sandstone to the west, and an almost identical building, retaining the symmetry of the ‘north’ complex to the north or east.

The ceremonial Charbag (‘fourfold garden’) is in four parts, symbolizing the four rivers of heaven and offering views and views of the tomb. They are divided into 16 tracks.

The Taj Mahal complex was placed on a grid, which was divided into smaller grids.Historians of architecture Koch and Bairad agree with traditional accounts that give the width of the complex as 374 Mughal Yard or Gaz.

These were divided into 17-Gaz modules into areas such as Markets and CaravanShare; The gardens and terraces are in modules of 23 yards and are 368 yards wide (16 x 23). The mausoleum, mosque, and guest house are placed on a 7 gauge grid.

Koch and Barraud believe that if an octagon, which is used repeatedly in a complex, is given 7 units sides, then its width is 17 units, which would explain the choice of proportions in the complex.

Cubic feet calculations in architect

So, we can see there is a direct relation between architect and mathematics as different measurements of mathematics are used for the architecture of a building. Cubic feet is one of the most important measures for the calculation of volume of cube-shaped space.

You can also find the volume of common shapes, such as rectangular prisms and cylinders, in just a few steps. Regardless of whether you have a math problem or want to find the volume of a space like a room or a pole hole, the process is the same.

Cubic Feet Calculators

A cubic feet calculator is an efficient calculator on the internet that is used to calculate the volume of a cube-shaped space. If we talk about the architectures: a cubic feet calculator is used to determine the volume of sand or soil.

It is not actually an everyday problem, but sometimes you have to calculate something like sand in the cubic space container. Instead of staring into the container, having a headache, just use this calculator to find out the cubic feet. You just need three values which are length, width, and height.

Some websites provide the cubic ft calculators free of cost. You do not have to register yourself for these websites to take benefit from it. and are the most useful cubic feet calculators and their functionality is almost the same.

Cubic Feet Calculators inches

How to use these calculators

These calculators are very easy to use and their interface is very friendly. You just have to enter the length, width, and height of the container and you are good to go. provide an additional option of a unit of measurement. You can choose any of the following units: millimeter, centimeter, feet, inches, yards, and meters. Hit the calculate button and you will get the desired output.

Cubic Feet Calculator guide

If the shape is irregular, divide the container into regular parts and find the cubic feet of each of the parts and then add it. It is just a matter of multiplying the height, width, and length of the part.

For example, if one shape is larger and one shape is smaller, calculate the cubic feet of these shapes separately and then add them together.


If your aim is to measure the cubic feet capacity of the container, you need to measure the space inside the container, not the external dimensions. So the cubic feet calculator is very much useful in the field of the architect and the above-mentioned websites provide this service without any cost.

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