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Glasgow City Council : interactive 3-D model

Urban Model Strathclyde, western Scotland

20 Jul 2007

Glasgow Urban Model

Glasgow City Council launch 1st version of interactive 3-D model of Glasgow city centre & Clyde Corridor: Due to complete Aug 2007; model of whole city possible after that; by Glasgow School of Art Digital Design Studio.

On May 11, 2007, the Leader of Glasgow City Council launched the Glasgow Urban Model – a unique 3D online and high-resolution tool which maps the city and its buildings down to an accuracy of 20cm. The two-year project, commissioned by the Council and led by Digital Design Studio at the Glasgow School of Art, will allow the public to engage with the future design and development of the city.

The model is a world-first in terms of its size and accuracy and will allow access to planning applications in a 3D environment, allowing the public and business to preview building developments long before a brick has been laid. Steven Purcell, the Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “This is a model which will allow the people of Glasgow to appreciate the regeneration that has already taken place and help us to plan for the future.

“Using cutting edge technology, we can map our development plans in a way which has never been done before, allowing the public to assess planning applications in a virtual form. It is often difficult to visualise developments simply from architects’ drawings – now we can bring them to life, allowing everyone to contribute to the planning process.”

The model also brings with it the prospect of future innovations which could see it used as a marketing and tourism tool, with potential visitors and investors able to access Glasgow’s unique built heritage from any computer, anywhere in the world.

The seminar will include a demonstration of the online model, a description of the high-resolution model development and an explanation of how the model will be utilized in future Council services. Architects, designers, planners and heritage groups are encouraged to attend, as well as people involved in the marketing and promotion of development projects within the city.

Glasgow Urban Model information from CBE 20 Jul 2007

CBE Event re Glasgow City Model – Speakers

Douglas Pritcahrd, Glasgow School of Art

Douglas Pritchard is the Head of Visualisation at the Glasgow School of Art. His primary area of interest is in the development of large-scale urban visualisation projects for design development, public consultation and urban planning. He is a graduate architect from the University of Manitoba, Canada and a member of the City of Glasgow Urban Design Review Panel. Mr. Pritchard is also a member of the technical committee of the CyArk Organization. CyArk is dedicated to the preservation of World Heritage Sites through the collection, archiving and providing open access to data created by laser scanning, digital modelling, and other state-of-the-art technologies.

For over the past year he has been the Project Director of Virtual City of Glasgow, a groundbreaking project for the Glasgow City Council. According to the Council, this 3D representation of Glasgow is likely the most accurate and detailed urban model of its kind in the Europe.

Margherita Cavallo, Development and Regeneration Services, Glasgow City Council

Margherita Cavallo holds a degree in Architecture with specialisation in Urban Design Studies, from the University of Genoa, Italy. Her work for the Heritage and Design Team involves participating in multidisciplinary teams aiming at the regeneration of Glasgow and is focused on the issues of architecture, urban design and conservation.

Her daily responsibilities include the implementation of the Council City Plan through policy advice, reports, masterplanning exercises, feasibility studies and site-specific appraisals. In the last few years her competencies have extended to dealing with all aspects of project management for the implementation of the city commissioned project Urban Model of Glasgow, from the client perspective. She also represents the Council at public meetings, local enquiries and judging panels.

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Architecture in Strathclyde

Glasgow City Mission
Glasgow City Mission
photo © Andrew Lee

Glasgow Transport Museum
Glasgow Transport Museum
photo © Adrian Welch

Glasgow School of Art
Glasgow School of Art
photo © Adrian Welch


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