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5 Bedroom Upgrades for Better Sleep

3 June 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge, but it’s more important than ever before.

Quality sleep will not only help to boost your physical health but it can also enhance your mental well-being and overall quality of life.

Bedroom upgrades for sleep

However, creating a sleep-friendly environment often requires more than just a comfortable mattress. So, if you’re looking to get more rest, here are five bedroom upgrades that can improve your sleep quality.

1. Optimise Your Lighting

Light has a significant impact on the internal body clocks that regulate sleep-wake cycle, so upgrading your bedroom’s lighting can enhance your sleep quality.

Blackout curtains are essential for blocking out external light, which can disturb sleep, especially in the summer months. By installing these curtains, you can ensure your room remains dark, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Additionally, consider investing in smart bulbs, such as those from Philips Hue, that allow you to adjust the light intensity and colour temperature. During the evening, choose warmer hues that mimic the setting sun as this can signal to your body that it’s time to wind down.

2. Temperature Control: Keep It Cool

The temperature of your bedroom plays a critical role in sleep quality, so a smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature based on your sleep schedule.

And, if you prefer a cooler environment for sleep, consider using cooling mattress pads. These pads help to regulate body temperature and are especially useful for those who tend to overheat in the night, or during heatwaves.

3. Soundproofing: Silence is Golden

Noise pollution is a common disruptor of sleep. From traffic sounds to noisy neighbours, unwanted sounds can significantly impact your ability to drift off quickly and stay asleep throughout the night.

Soundproof curtains are designed to block out external noise, providing a quieter sleeping environment.

And, if you’re looking for noise to block out internal sounds, white noise devices can mask disruptive sounds with soothing white noise to promote a more restful sleep.

4. Find the Right Bed

If you find that you suffer from sleep issues, the answer to your problems could come in a new bed. Traditional bed frames aren’t the best solution for every sleeper, and if you suffer from issues such as poor circulation, or even snoring, you might benefit from an adjustable bed.

With so much choice out there, it can be hard to know what to look for. Luckily, experts such as Archers Sleep Centre stock a selection of adjustable beds and their team can help you find the right option for your sleep needs.

5. Declutter for a Peaceful Environment

A clutter-free bedroom helps to promote relaxation and tranquillity, both of which are essential for a good night’s sleep.

Invest in built-in storage solutions, such as those designed by Sharps to keep your bedroom tidy and keep clutter at bay.

Similarly, a minimalist approach to bedroom design can create a serene atmosphere, so try to avoid overloading the room with furniture and accessories, and stick to a neutral colour palette.

Have you made bedroom upgrades to improve your sleep? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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