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How to Edit Your Architectural Technology PhD Dissertation Before Final Submission

9 April 2024

Architectural Technology PhD dissertation edit guide

Do you know what it takes for you to call yourself a doctor of architecture? Well, there is one tough chore that you all need to do before you graduate as an architectural technician. The task is none other than the submission of a well-researched, well-written and well-formatted architectural technology PhD dissertation.

The real question is: how do you ensure that your architecture dissertation is well-formatted? The simple answer to this question is that you have to check the entire structure of your papers for consistency. It includes formatting, logical sequence of sentences, cutting irrelevant information, and refining the writing quality of your papers.

You will suffer a lot if you do not seek architectural technology PhD dissertation help from dissertation writing services online. The reason is that construction technology is complicated and technical designs require the extreme dedication of students to the crafts. You make a slight mistake and you risk your entire design for the building project. A qualified proof-reader and quality assurance expert is always needed to assist you in making your papers error-free.

Moving back to the topic, we are going to discuss the editing tips for a PhD dissertation on architectural technology in the coming sections. Before the tips, we shall shed light on the definition of subject matter first.

What Is Architectural Technology?

According to the definition by CIAT, architectural technology can be defined as an innovative design discipline which also integrates other disciplines such as engineering, technology, science and architecture. It forms the link between the innovation, concept and the realisation of the structure of a building. Almost 77% of the architects, according to ZipDo, firmly believe that technology has entirely altered their design expectations.

7 Tips to Edit Architectural Technology PhD Dissertation

When you prepare a dissertation for final submission, a fear looms over your head that you have to follow strict formatting requirements for your papers. If you deviate a little from the requirements, it may lead to the rejection of your dissertation and we are pretty sure that no student ever wants that.

So where lays the solution? Students are bound to feel exhausted after finishing the writing process of architectural technology PhD dissertations. It goes without saying that they won’t have the stamina to look twice at the work they have done. Hiring a professional dissertation editing agency in such circumstances can be the best decision you can make for your work to shine.

If you are in the mood for editing your architectural technology PhD dissertation on your own, we have a couple of tips to follow during the process. Here you go:

1. Draft an Appendix for All the Extra Information

As you know, appendices are present in all research papers, theses, dissertations, and academic projects. An appendix is sure to be present at the end of a construction projects paper. They exist because they explain the extra details to the readers of your work. Not only this, they contain details which are not directly linked to the findings or analysis of your architectural technology PhD dissertation.

If the reader wants to know more about the terms you have used in your work, they can switch to the appendix. But do not forget that only the less significant elements of the dissertation go into the appendix. Also, follow the instructions of your school of architecture when drafting this section.

2. Don’t Do Repetition

Repetition just kills the logical flow of your architectural technology PhD dissertation and irritates the readers like none other. So, when you finish writing, you must read it completely to see if you have accidentally written the same sentence in multiple places. Try to eliminate such sentences entirely during your editing sections and avoid repeating the same information in various sections and chapters of your dissertation.

Writing your papers systematically and numbering the individual sections helps students in avoiding repetition. You should check words that might have been used again and again and replace those with their synonyms. It makes your dissertation more interesting to read and the audience can easily engage with the content.

3. Check the Structure of All Dissertation Sections

It is a no brainer that your architectural technology PhD dissertation must have all the sections as specified by your personal advisor. As you edit your papers, be sure to make it a point to thoroughly check each and every section of your work. Don’t miss out on any sub-heading, or it will be a blatant mistake. Furthermore, make sure that the information is presented in a logical order.

Whatever structure you follow, make sure that your reader can relate to your arguments when reading your papers. Keep all the sections in a logical order and outline them before you start adding content. Needless to say, it gives a distinct direction to your work and guides you on how to work better in your papers.

4. Align the Formatting With the Guidelines of Your Institute

As you go with editing your architectural technology PhD dissertation, you must refer to the guidelines that your institute has provided you. Ensure that you have used the right font, font size, text alignment, paragraph and line spacing and more. Highlight the important points and underline the sentences wherever they sound necessary for you.

Aspiring architects and architectural technologists must adhere to the citation style recommended by their supervisors. If you have no idea about how to create citations for your PhD dissertation on architectural technology, take benefit of online citation generators. On these platforms, you can easily find the specific formats you need for your work.

5. See if You Have Clearly Expressed Your Ideas

One of the most important steps that you need to be attentive to when editing your architectural technology PhD dissertation is to mull over the information that you have provided in your work. The information must be clear in addition to being logically coherent. Make sure that the ideas you will put forth in your dissertation are easily explainable.

It probably just goes without saying that you will exhaust yourself trying to assess the correct meaning of your sentences. The best thing to do if you want the extra burden off your shoulders is to get help from peers. Your papers must be understandable even to those who have very little knowledge about your field of work.

6. Label Your Dissertation Throughout

In a dissertation which relates to construction management projects, one is bound to add a lot of images, charts, tables, and diagrams. You must have included such images in your papers as well. Now is the time to label and title each and every image to avoid confusion on behalf of the readers. You might be wondering what is the benefit of doing so; well, it becomes super easy to refer to the elements of an architectural technology PhD dissertation if you have labelled the figures in it.

Make sure that you use titles that specify the relevance of your papers to the theme of your research. The labels must be numbered accurately and they should stay pertinent to the description of information expressed in charts, diagrams, and tables.

7. Run a Grammar and Spelling Check

One of the very first things that readers notice in your dissertation is the grammar and spelling of the words you use. These kinds of errors get picked on a lot. And of course, no one wants to lose marks just because of inappropriately written sentences or misspelled words. When you edit your architectural technology PhD dissertation, you go over it completely and correct any mistake that you come across.

How are you going to address the issues? The smart way to do so is by changing the structure of sentences and enhancing the readability of your architectural technology PhD dissertation. If possible, benefit from the spell-check services that are available online.

What Does an Architectural Technologist Do?

An architectural technologist ensures that a building is fit for usage and is designed in a way that meets the needs of end users. They also take care of the safety and health of the clients and keep in mind the social well-being of those people who are using such spaces or buildings. Not only this, but they also manage each and every stage of the technical planning and design process related to the building projects.

Is Architectural Technology a Good Degree?

Yes! Architectural Technology degree will help you gain all the relevant knowledge, credentials, and skills to pursue your passions. This is because technology and science have been advancing at a faster rate, and we witness new inventions every day. So, growing in your field of study won’t be a problem for you.

Is Architectural Technology the Same as an Architect?

Well, a bird’s-eye view of both architectural technology and the architect shows us that both fields have distinct differences. Generally, architects have a major interest in the aesthetics of buildings. But, on the other hand, architectural technologists generally have more experience and training in the science-tech view of buildings. Simply, they are concerned with the ways such buildings are constricted.

What Is the Difference Between Architectural Technology and Civil Engineering?

Civil engineers have an expert knack for managing a broad range of projects. Such projects most commonly include the water systems, transportation, infrastructure and relevant sectors. On the other hand, architectural technologists are mostly concerned with the risk assessments of buildings solely. They usually pay attention to the pre-construction phases & project management, while civil engineers oversee all phases of construction work.

Which Degree Is Best for Architecture?

There is no easy answer to this question. You know better than what degree suits your temperament best. But generally, a BArch degree can be a longer course for students, and it prepares them for gaining a professional license. They also have to submit an architectural technology Ph.D. dissertation. Once they get the license, they are free to work as architects. In the UK, The Architects Registration Board (ARB) reviews the standards of conduct of architects.

Architectural Technology PhD Dissertation Examples

Are you in search of trending architectural technology PhD dissertation ideas? You need not worry when the experts are here to help you. Below are the top 3 best topic ideas that you can pick when you have to write an architectural dissertation. Further, we have also cherry-picked a dissertation example for you to review before starting your work:

  • A detailed study of the architectural prototypes, modes of designs and related practices
  • An elaboration of the structurally informed designs that elevate the feel of architecture
  • The influence of daylight on colour designing and the empirical study that talks about indoor colour experience
  • The case studies on the importance of professional indemnity insurance online

Still looking for more? We have picked the visual representation of this dissertation titled Early Stage Architectural Design Practice Perspectives on Life Cycle Building Performance Assessment, which actively sheds light on the ways to write a successful architectural technology PhD dissertation:

Architectural Technology PhD dissertation edit Conclusion

You can perfect the editing process of your architectural technology PhD Dissertation by following the guidelines that we have mentioned in this article. Don’t make any mistakes by reviewing your papers immediately after you finish writing them – you will be prone to overlook your mistakes. It’s always best to ask an external person to provide you with feedback on your work.

For that purpose, relying on dissertation help is also an excellent choice. The expert editors of such writing companies are best suited to revise your dissertation and remove all the mistakes from it. They hold professional degrees and understand the building regulations & code of conduct better than ordinary students.

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